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Following the conclusion of the first stage of the tournament, the WePlay Dota 2 League will now head in to the second stage of the tournament featuring the best 16 teams that managed to get trough.

Update 1:se 4FC from group D were swapped with us Fnatic.NA from group A.
Update 2:de Mouz from group B were swapped with se NoTideHunter from group A.
Update 3:eu aL.Academy were replaced by se TCM because of problems with aL's roster.

Group A will see ua Na`Vi and se NoTidehunter fighting for the first 2 places after they respectively ended up on the top of their groups in the first stage of the tournament.

Group C is the hardest group in this stage of the tournament, as the finalist of the StarLadder Season 5, ru Team Empire will face teams such as eu Kaipi, us Team Dignitas, and last but not least, eu QPAD Red Pandas.

While group C should be interesting to watch, group B should also bring some excitement to the table. The finalist of the Starladder Season 5, eu Fnatic.EU will be heading against de Mousesports, eu aL.Academy, and ru Rox.Kis. Despite of their recent performance trough some online and lan events, Fnatic.Eu will have hard time in the group since Mousesports and Rox.Kis are showing some really good and well prepared performance in some of the recent tournaments.

Despite of the other groups, group D should have clear winners as us Team Liquid and us Evil Geniuses are on the top of the North American scene, while they are competing in a lot of Europe tournaments as well.

The second group stage is scheduled to start on the 13rd of April and will see a best-of-three format trough all of the upcoming games.

English coverage for all of the games will be handled by BeyondTheSummit.

Prize distribution

1st $5,000 + $1,500 in gear
2nd $2,500 + $1,500 in gear
3rd $1,200 + $1,000 in gear
4th $1,500 in gear
5-6th $1,000 in gear
7-8th $500 in gear