The 7 most hype black holes

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From Tobi’s BLACK HOOLEE to DJ’s endless stunners, we take a look at 7 of the most hype black holes in Dota’s history.

Tavo, the Maverick

Tavo is a maverick when it comes to Enigma. He made a huge name for himself in the famous SG vs EG series all those years ago, when SG almost made their dream run against Secret and EG. Pulling out huge black hole plays from the bag, Tavo delivered in incredible style. SG went on to take the game off of EG, another stepping stone in the ultimate underdog story.

The man still delivers to this day, with similar plays and once again against Universe on the enemy team. Tavo’s Enigma is one of the best alongside the likes of DJ. 2016 or 2018, Tavo performs consistently well on the hero.

Puppey talked about the Naga counter

You can’t mention black holes without casting your memory back to The Play. Iconic of Dota 2 as a whole, let alone Enigma as a hero, this was THE historical black hole. It was a moment of synergy, beauty and a Dota 2 team coming together in a way that teams hadn’t really seen before. It was over within a 5 second window, and Invictus Gaming had been wiped, sending them to the lower bracket. Many called it “The greatest play in Dota 2 history”, for a very, very long time.

Tims shows Newsham how it’s done

We’ve seen good Enigma plays but it’s always more impressive when the Enigma plays come from someone who isn’t Enigma. Tims, this year, comes in with a strong contender of best black holes of 2019. His ravage steal into black hole steal was special, but catching two four man black holes with the same steal, winning the game , and in an elimination match that sent Team Team home, is something else entirely.

“A moment in a million”

Accompanied with a Dark Seer, landing a 5 man black hole might be less of an accomplishment, but it certainly doesn’t make it any less impactful, or make it look any less cool. In this one fateful game at ESL Manila back in 2016, a team Empire roster featuring a very young Ramzes666, everything would change because of KingR’s black holes. Empire would progress on to win the next game in the best of three, stopping secret from reaching the playoffs.


Universe popping echo slam on a 5 man ice blasted CDEC might be the moment that comes to mind when you hear the phrase, but rewind 3 years beforehand and another disaster took place. Also taking place at The International, but rather in the group stage as opposed to the final, Puppey might have felt that the previous KingR clip was all too familiar looking back at this one; except this time, Puppey was on the dealing side of the team wipe.

The Black Hole of 2018

The DPC season was fresh, people were ready for some good Dota 2. Tigers had just formed, and were looking like a strong team that people could get behind happily. Xepher, the star support of the team was a breakthrough player, and there were reasons he got the attention he received. Having progressed from DreamLeague to the Kuala Lumpur major, Tigers were on the ropes. They had one chance of winning a series to avoid finishing bottom of their group, and they avoided that spot with a touch of world class.

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