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Evil Geniuses finally broke their third-place finish curse at the ESL One Birmingham 2019. Yet, they failed to defeat end boss Team Secret and went home without a title to their name once again. But they are not the only world-class team waiting for their next championship. Here are four teams that havn't won a big tourney in quite a while.

Evil Geniuses

Of course, we have to take a closer look at EG. Since their last championship at The Manila Masters, 738 have passed. EG has been waiting for more than two years to finish first place in a significant tournament.

Considering the quality of the squad, one can speak of very bad luck for EG. The team displayed great skill at Dota in Birmingham, almost defeating the eventual champion Team Secret. It's about time that the TI5 winner takes up their redeeming trophy.


Alliance has lost much of its glory from the past. The TI3 hasn’t won an event for 1,235 days. In contrast to EG, this is not due to their lack of luck. The squad is just not what it used to be anymore. But Alliance has been becoming better lately.

They are still in the run of this year's TI. Qualifying for Shanghai is going to be an uphill battle though, as they are not quite on par with the very best teams yet. We have to wait and see if they can show better results at the EPICENTER Major in June.


Speaking of glorious days gone, we have to mention Natus Vincere too. No other team had more appearances in TI finals than the Ukrainian outfit (back then with none other than the legend himself Puppey) that won the world championship in 2011, and finished second in 2012 and 2013.

Na’Vi's last success dates back 561 days when they bested in the grand finals of the Adrenaline Cyber League in November 2017. For the time being, they will not have an opportunity to redeem themselves however after losing to VP in the EPICENTER Major qualifier.


It's a bit harsh to include OG in our list, but man, ever since their TI8 championship, it has been going downhill for the team. Although they showed some nice results at other events since then, one wouldn’t take them for world champions. Teams such as Team Secret, VP or EG, not to mention the Chinese teams, seem much better at the game right now.

It's been only 285 since they lifted the TI trophy in Vancouver, but if they don't step up their game at EPI, they will extend this series for quite a while.

Which (once) famous and great teams come to your mind?

Photo Credit: Helena Kristiansson, ESL