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The fans at ESL One Birmingham 2019 proved once again that they're one of the most hilarious crowds in Dota 2. We took this opportunity to rank our top five crowds.

Like Toby 'TobiWanKenobi' Dawson describes it, the best crowds are the ones that are not biased - and know how to cheer for opponents.


This fits perfectly for the English crowd at Birmingham. There is no professional player from the UK in the Dota 2 scene. In fact, there's only one coach who actually is part of the pro scene, namely Chaos Esports Club's Robson 'TeaGuvnor' Merritt.

No wonder the crowd in Birmingham is not biased at any time and just enjoyed cheering for any team that came up with some good Dota plays.


However, even biased fan crowds can be amazing if their teams perform. This is why a lot of people are afraid of a The International in Shanghai. If the Chinese teams like PSG.LGD or Vici Gaming won't make it into the Grand Finals we can expect a silent final - at least if it comes the noise levels of the crowd.

It is quite breathtaking to see Chinese fans cheer for their teams if they perform - they scream and chant as if they're about to lose their lives - this is just amazing. We'll see if the Chinese fans can surprise us at TI9 and maybe even cheer for teams that are not from their region.


The CIS crowd is probably the loudest in Europe, especially Ukraine. We have cherished so many Ukrainian events already were the crowd went nuts for the players and teams from all over the world. It's not a surprise that they even scream louder if a home team is victorious.

The best example of a good CIS crowd was at The Kiev Major. We'll never forget the loud "" chants when VP was playing against OG in the Grand Finals.


Talking about crazy and loud crowds, there is one we surely have to mention as well: the Filipinos and South-East Asia. They're the most passionate fans in Dota 2 and prove that everytime a tournament organizer decides to host an event on the Philippines.

Huge queues for every signing session, sensational chants during the games - every player must feel like a superstar when he comes to the Philippines. They're undeniably the best crowd in Dota 2. It's about time for another huge event in this country.

Which crowd comes to your mind when talking about the craziest and loudest?

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