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Qualification was looking like a sure thing for Na'Vi—they entered the Grand Finals of the Starladder Minor CIS Qualifier with a 6-0 record—until they faced Winstrike Team.

Cooman obliterates Na'Vi in Game One

The first match was a rude awakening for Natus Vincere. Winstrike Team jumped out to an early lead by winning every lane; the advantage allowed Zaur 'Cooman' Shakhmurzaev to snowball completely out of control on his 19-0-8 Storm Spirit.

Na'Vi tried to fight back, but they were at such a disadvantage that Winstrike could take down Idan 'MagicaL' Vardanian's Alchemist even whilst Chemical Rage was up. After losing two lanes of barracks, Winstrike pushed for the third and claimed the win.

MagicaL gets revenge with Death Prophet

In Game Two Na'Vi struck back. Though the game was quite even through 18 minutes, Na'Vi took a teamfight shortly thereafter that allowed their gold and experience to spike, allowing MagicaL's 10-1-9 Death Prophet and Vladislav 'Crystallize' Krystanek's 8-0-13 Sven to get lots of farm. From there, Na'Vi began looking for fights.

Soon they were simply too much for Winstrike, and after a final fight at the highground, Na'Vi forced out the GG.

Winstrike pull out the win with a final, clutch teamfight

In Game Three, Na'Vi held a 5k net worth advantage at 22 minutes, but those numbers do not truly tell the whole story. Winstrike Team kept stride with Na'Vi all game, especially Airat 'Silent' Gaziev, who had a fantastic performance on his 11-2-5 Juggernaut.

At the 30 minute mark, both teams engaged one another around the Roshan Pit.

After the fight, both sides had even net worth. They began posturing around each other, trying to farm as well as not take bad engagements. However, in the end, it was Winstrike that displayed some boldness by initiating a decisive teamfight.

Despite entering the series with a 6-0 record, Na'Vi falls to Winstrike Team, who qualify for the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor #2.

After looking dominant all Qualifier, it is a disappointing end for Na'Vi.

Photo Credit - Winstrike Team Twitter