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Due to a lack of team sign-ups, we are canceling jDL Season 16 for America and Asia. Instead we will be running jDL Brawls. Get all the details here!

joinDOTA League Brawls

Due to the low number of team sign-ups, we unfortunately cannot host normal league operations for both joinDOTA League Season 16 America and Asia. While the Premier Division will continue as normal, the calibration tournaments as well as the actual League for all other divisions are cancelled.

However, we have a backup plan. We will be offering open cups for users to qualify to Season 16's Premier Division: the joinDOTA League Brawls.

Sign-up for the America Brawl is open today, while sign-up for the Asia region Brawl will begin in June (we will give you more details, including format, closer to the sign-up date). If you have already signed up for jDL America, you do not have to sign up again; but, if you want to participate in the America Brawl, you must check in again. If you have not signed up at all, you will have to do that as per normal.

Please note that the Europe region for jDL Season #16 does have enough sign-ups and the League will be running as usual.

America Brawl Format

The jDL America Brawl will function very similar to regular calibration in terms of format. Teams will compete against each other in a two-day mini-tournament with several rounds per day.

Any teams that would be qualified for Division 2 will be seeded directly into the first round of Day 2. On Day 1 participants will enter a Single Elimination bracket, with the top 4 advancing to Day 2 alongside the 4 teams that would be qualified for Division 2. The winning team on Day 2 will qualify for the Premier Division.

Teams will have 30 minutes to check in before sign-up ends.

Key Dates

joinDOTA League America Season #16 Brawl:

  • Check-in on Day 1 — starts
  • First round of Day 1 — starts
  • First round of Day 2 — starts

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