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Alliance's unbeaten streak ended yesterday, and now the last remaining Chinese team have eliminated them from the Dota PIT Minor.

The Director shows who is in charge

The first game of the Lower Bracket Finals was a ruthless stomp by EHOME. Alliance were only able to scrape together a single kill in the entire match, while EHOME managed 24.

EHOME dominated every part of the game, but it was really Zhang 'xiao8' Ning who was in charge, finishing the game 9-0-8 on Leshrac. The GG was called at only 19 minutes, before a single barracks even fell.

EHOME comes back to end Alliance's tournament

Game Two was a much better showing by the Europeans. The game was even early on, but the midgame shifted toward Alliance. At 37 minutes they had an 13k gold lead after taking the middle melee barracks. Max 'Qojqva' Broecker's 12-4-12 Lina was a strong component of Alliance's sieging power.

However, a very smart play by EHOME during a prolonged fight in the Dire jungle baited Alliance to push into a pincer. They were quickly slaughtered and the gold lead was erased.

The game continued to go back and forth, but that important teamfight gave Luo 'Ferrari_430' Feichi's 10-3-14 Necrophos and Yang 'NeverEnd' Pu's 14-4-13 Drow Ranger lots of farm, which would prove to be fatal. Alliance could not take favourable engagements because of EHOME's lockdown, and after taking all the lanes, EHOME took one final teamfight that sealed victory.

EHOME faces Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Grand Finals.

Alliance's strong tournament comes to an premature end.

Photo Credit - OGA Dota PIT Twitter