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The final Bo1 of the day saw EHOME crush the spunky South American squad Majestic Esports, ending their Lower Bracket run in Croatia.

Ferrari_430 dominates midlane

Despite how well FreeStyle was playing in their previous two games, they ran into a brick wall against EHOME. They lost every single lane, which gave EHOME a huge advantage moving into the midgame. Despite Jean Pierre 'Chris Luck' Gonzales's best efforts on Viper, he was effectively stunted by Luo 'Ferrari_430' Feichi's thunderous Shadow Fiend, unable to make much of a game impact.

Majestic makes a perfect highground defense

EHOME continued their dominance throughout the game until they were knocking on Majestic's door. However, Majestic were able to make a miracle defense against the Chinese squad in the middle lane, denying them easy entry.

EHOME are not denied twice

In the end, though, Majestic could not continue their defense. EHOME returned to breach the highground and did not falter in ther second attempt. Despite the momentum Majestic Esports had throughout the tournament, they were eliminated without much fanfare in the third round of the Lower Bracket.

EHOME awaits the loser of the Upper Bracket Finals between Alliance and NIP.

Photo Credit - OGA Dota PIT Twitter