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Four Bo1 rounds meant four eliminations at the Dota PIT Minor, and Majestic Esports' Yadomi knew his team would not be one of them.

RNG runs out of steam against Majestic

Despite a strong Group Stage, Royal Never Give Up faltered in the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs; the Bo1 against FreeStyle would prove to be equally as cruel for them. Although RNG were working at a slight advantage for 22 minutes, a botched teamfight gave Majestic the lead.

After this, Jean Pierre 'Chris Luck' Gonzales's Templar Assassin dominated the Chinese side. He finished the game 9-0-12, ensuring that RNG never got back into the game. After a few more lost skirmishes, RNG concded at 31 minutes.

Yadomi predicts his team's victory

Before the match, Majestic Esports' Position 5 Junior Reyes 'Yadomi' Rimari was confident in presaging that they would defeat their underdog counterparts BOOM Esports—and that's exactly what happened.

Majestic Esports jumped out to an early lead and built upon it constantly. Both Chris Luck's Templar Assassin and Hector Antonio 'K1 Hector' Rodriguez Asto's Phantom Lancer were getting farm, and BOOM ID was unable to stop Majestic's advance. After taking two lanes of barracks Majestic Esports drew the GG from their opponent, Chris Luck finishing with a 11-3-9 KDA while K1 finished 11-0-5.

EHOME clutches out the win against Gambit

For most of the game AS Monaco Gambit was in the lead against EHOME. They had a better laning stage, were getting good farm on cores, and had the gold lead. But a fateful fight in the Dire jungle completely shifted momentum after Yang 'NeverEnd' Pu's Drow managed an Ultra Kill.

From then on, Gambit Esports was on the back foot and they could not recover. EHOME were able to systematically take objectives until finally advancing into Gambit's base and sealing the win. NeverEnd finished the game 12-2-6.

Yawar's Terrorblade not enough to take down Spectre

Forward Gaming has had a rough tournament, generally speaking, and of their few successes, Yawar 'YawaR' Hassan is often the reason why they succeed. This time, however, his Terrorblade was not enough. Despite a 5k gold lead at 27 minutes, they could not outlast NeverEnd's Spectre. After an accidental bait by Luo 'Ferrari_430' Feichi saw Forward chase a kill too far, they gave up a teamfight and the game's momentum flipped.

From that point NeverEnd's Spectre (who was behind early) was nigh-unkillable. Forward could to nothing as EHOME took more and more space, and could only watch as their middle lane was cracked and EHOME went straight for the throne.

Underdogs Majestic Esports are set to face the clutch monsters EHOME.

Photo Credit - OGA Dota PIT Twitter