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TNC Predator had a ruthless day of play at ESL One Mumbai 2019, knocking out both the Indian hope Signify as well as North American squad Team Team with a pair of 2-0 series victories.

Signify eliminated without a single win

It was a rough tournament for the hometown heroes. Even though it was well known that Signify didn't have as much experience as the other teams, it will certainly sting to go without a victory in front of their fans.

In both games TNC Predator owned the lead the entire game. Even though Signify were able to drag the matches out to 32 and 41 minutes respectively, TNC Predator were outplaying them the entire series. Armel Paul 'Armel' Tabios in particular had a strong series, finishing 17-4-7 in the second match. Signify finish the tournament tied for last place with compLexity Gaming.

Team Team can't stop TNC Predator's push

In Game One of the TNC Predator versus beastcoast series, the SEA side drafted Outworld Devourer, Drow Ranger, and Nature's Prophet, going all in on an aggressive ranged pushing lineup. They won their safelane and midlane matchups, able to maintainthe lead the entire game, and held Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao to zero kills.

Nico 'Eyyou' Barcelon had a whopping 23 assists on his 1-2-23 Earthshaker, and Armel went 13-3-8 on his Outworld Devourer. Team Team never had a chance and conceded at 35 minutes.

Tims' Rubick dismantles Team Team

In the second match Team Team put all their money on an EnVy Medusa. TNC Predator held a slight lead until a clever BKB bait by Gunnar turned the momentum for his squad. From there it looked like Team Team only had to ride their lead on Medusa to victory, but when they tried to break highground, TNC Predator repelled them with smart use of buybacks.

After this, both teams smoked and engaged each other in a decisive teamfight, but it was Timothy 'Tims' Randrup who went absolutely ham, stealing both Ravage and Black Hole for his team and completely annihilating Team Team.

And then, once inside their base, Tims pulled off a disgusting 4-man Black Hole, putting an exclamation mark on TNC Predator's victory and eliminating the top seed from Group A.

TNC Predator moves on to face the winner of NoPangolier vs. Keen Gaming.

Will Team Team's roster stay intact after their disappointing performance in Mumbai?

Photo Credit - Adela Sznajder - ESL One Mumbai 2019