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With the final two games of Group B of the DreamHack Invitational having been played out today, the tournament is now ready to head into the playoffs, with dates to be announced later on. For those of you who missed Group A results, you can check out the news of that here.

Group B Results

The big surprise of the group was poor performance of de Mousesports, who did not manage to take a single game off anyone in the group. The Germans have generally looked fairly stable with their new roster, and while they were not expected to win the group, these matches were very one-sided affairs, which is surprising.

All other teams in the group had a 2-1 record. se No Tidehunter had the strongest run, losing their third game against eu Fnatic.EU only barely to perfect Lycanthrope and Lone Druid entangles and bashes. This meant that NTH ended the group with a +3 map score, in first place of the group.

Second place of the group went to a us Team Dignitas, who lost in two straight games to NTH, but also claimed a 2-0 win over Fnatic.EU. The game with Fnatic was embroiled in controversy, as Fnatic was late for their game against Dignitas due to another tournament being delayed and were initially given a 0-2 defloss, which however was partially commuted as the admins admitted they had made mistakes in their communication with Fnatic.

Instead of the straight defloss, Dignitas were given a one game advantage and the game was rescheduled and played today. As Fnatic played the game without captain il Tal 'Fly' Aizik, going for a early game lineup in the "first" game, which did not work out as well as they had hoped, with Dignitas taking the early lead. While Fnatic did get their game rolling, ca Kurt 'Aui_2000' Ling on Tiny got too big and along with the Wisp Relocate was too much for Fnatic to handle in the long run. With the 2-0 win, Dignitas ended the group with a +2 map score and Fnatic came in third with a +1 map score.


The two top teams, No Tidehunter and us Team Liquid, will proceed straight into the semi-finals, awaiting their opponents from the quarter-finals, to be played between the second and third positiong teams of both of the groups.

The first of these match-ups will be Fnatic.EU vs. eu QPAD Red Pandas, which should be a very interesting and close game between a strong up-and-coming team in the QPandas, as well as a strong team slightly weakened due to the real life obligations of their captain in Fnatic.EU. If Fly is present for this game, Fnatic may have a slight edge, as the series is likely to be played soon after Fnatic coming together for the StarLadder LAN Finals, later this week in Kiev.

The second match-up will see Dignitas take on ru Team Empire, another close game with two teams which have both recently undergone a roster change. The last time the two teams met Dignitas took the series 2-1 on the 28th of March, which may indicate that Dignitas is having an easier time adjusting to their old-new member, us JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu, who has been performing well in recent matches.

The dates for these games are not set yet, GD Studio will talk to the teams and publish the times once they have come to an agreement, however likely the games will begin early next week.

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Prize Allocation:

1st - $2,500 + DreamHack slot
2nd - $1,500
3rd/4th - $1,000