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Keen Gaming handly defeated its competition in the Group Stage, beating Mineski and ending their run 4-0 in Group B to make the Playoffs at ESL One Mumbai 2019.

A rude awakening for Signify

Playing Keen Gaming as your first real opposition ever has to be tough. The hometown hopeful Signify was massacred in their series against Keen in two straight 22-minute losses. There wasn't a single moment where Keen Gaming was not leading, and in Game Two Zhai 'Ying' Jingkai's flawless 15-0-11 Ember spirit had more kills than Signify's entire team (at 12); it was a humiliating tournament start for Signify.

Moon completely destroys The Pango

Not long ago NoPangolier was showing a lot of promise, but in Mumbai they hit a brick wall in Mineski. Kam 'Moon' Boon Seng's 21-1-8 Templar Assassin dismantled the CIS squad in Game One and then did so again in Game Two with his 12-1-16 Lina. The Pango looked outmatched in the entire series and went out quietly with their 2-0 loss.

Old Chicken breaks the back of Mineski

Keen Gaming were looking like the favourites in Group B, and they proved it in the Winners' Match. In Game One they held a slight lead for 27 minutes, after which Wang 'Old chicken' Zhiyong's 12-2-8 Anti-Mage had enough farm to overrun Mineski.

The second game started in a more auspicious manner for Mineski as they held the lead for 25 minutes; but, again, once Old Chicken was farmed, he went berserk on Phantom Assassin and crushed Mineski in the final 5 minutes of the game. He finished Game Two with a 16-3-11 KDA.

With the win, Keen Gaming moves on to the Upper Bracket while Mineski plays the winner of the Signify vs. The Pango Losers' Match.

Old Chicken is looking to be the carry of the tournament in Mumbai.

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