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The new Chinese team will include Sylar, Freeze, ASD, Hym, and InFlame. It was only a little while ago that Sylar took a break from Team Aster as well as professional Dota 2. However, approximately three weeks later, it looks like his break has ended.

As announced today on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, the renowned carry player is returning to competitive play, but as a Position 5 on a new Chinese team: Team Sirius. He will be joined by four other well known names: Freeze (now going by the handle Kamma), ASD, Hym, and InFlame.

Below is the role breakdown for Team Sirius:

• Liu 'Freeze' Chang — Position 1
• Li 'ASD' Zhiwen — Position 2
• He 'InFlame' Yongzheng — Position 3
• Xu 'hym' Zhi — Position 4
• Liu 'Sylar' Jiajun — Position 5

Logos for Team Sirius and Team Aster

An interesting point of speculation is the similarities between both Team Aster and Team Sirius' logos. They both feature a similar colour palette, as well as a prominent star graphic. While there is no official word yet, it seems like the two may well be sister teams.

Will Team Sirius perform better than Team Aster?

Photo Credit - ESL