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The Chinese representative for ESL One Birmingham is set as Keen Gaming were able to defeat Invictus Gaming 3-1 in the China Qualifier. Keen Gaming has played consistently very well since 2019 started; however, Invictus Gaming have also look good at the ESL One Birmingham 2019: China Qualifier. In the Upper Bracket Finals Keen defeated IG 2-0, and unfrotunately for IG, the rematch would look much the same, as they were only able to take one game off Keen Gaming who qualified for ESL One Birmingham 2019 having only dropped that single game all bracket.

一's Timbersaw cuts down Invictus Gaming

The series started with a bang with Game One. Both teams were constantly vying for the lead all game, and actually exchanged the net worth advantage five separate times during the match. Keen Gaming had the majority of the advantage throughout the game though thanks in large part to Zhai 'Ying' Jingkai (or 一) and his 13-3-15 Timbersaw which created a huge amount of space for his team.

Zhou 'Emo' Yi's was also having a strong showing for Invictus Gaming. His Dragon Knight was a big reason why Invictus were able to keep battling back throughout the course of the match. However, he was not enough to overcome Wang 'Old chicken' Zhiyong, whose 10-2-17 Weaver was able to constantly dart around teamfights and pick off critical members of IG, or Old Eleven, whose Doom was constantly locking down enemy heroes. IG called the GG after 40 minutes.

JT-'s Nightstalker dominates Game Two

In the second match IG battled back. Undeterred from their first loss, Thiay 'JT-' Jun Wen had an incredible 13-2-12 display on Nightstalker, controlling the map and really holding Keen Gaming down while Emo farmed on his Morphling.

Once the shotgun was online for Morphling it became difficult for Keen Gaming to keep up in skirmishes. IG stymied Keen all over the map and in the end it was all too much for Keen who could not take down Emo's 12-2-8 Morphling. After losing a key teamfight they conceded the match at 30 minutes.

Old Chicken unstoppable in the last game

But in the end, Keen Gaming would not be denied. A particularly intrepid performance on Old Chicken ensured that Keen would come out on top. After 14 minutes they took the lead and Old Chicken went nuts, styling oon IG and finishing the game 18-1-20. His showing also gave 一 a lot of room to work on Troll Warlord, as he finished the match 11-3-17.

Although at many points in the game IG fought back back, all of their attempts would be for nothing. Thanks to clever postitioning and team coordination Keen Gaming were able to win an important fight around the Roshan pit an Keen take 6 kills from IG. Shortly after the GG was called.

Keen Gaming qualify for ESL One Birmingham 2019 which begins on May 28.

Does Keen Gaming have what it takes to rise to the top tier of Dota 2?

Photo Credit - Keen Gaming CN Twitter