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The finals of the Ritmix Russian Dota 2 League hosted by Virtus.Pro have been played out between us Team Dignitas and ru Virtus.Pro.

Grand Final
us Dignitas vs. ru Virtus.Pro

As the Ritmix Russian Dota 2 League gives a one game advantage to the team entering from the winners bracket, Dignitas begins the series 1-0.

Game 2

Early aggression instigated by Virtus.Pro slightly favoured Dignitas, who were able react and follow up well. By the time they began to initiate ganks themselves, they were able to find some good pick-off's, swinging the advantage towards them.

After winning a fight in mid, Dignitas picked up an Aegis of Immortality at 15 minutes. While they were able to find some uncontested towers with this, after it had run out, they tried to force a fight at top lane, donating a number of kills, giving VP some moments respit.

However VP were unable to contest the next Roshan, instead showing up after Templar Assassin had picked up another Aegis, with the following fight going in Dignitas advantage. As they picked off Lifestealer as well, their advantage was again secure.

VP ran into Dignitas in the jungle, and a good combination of Vacuum into Call Down and Wall of Replica saw once again the fight going in Dignitas advantage. However they still weren't comfortable forcing the base, instead picking up the Aegis for Ta and Cheese for Gyro at 36 minutes, and then taking another big team fight at mid.

Dignitas did not get the chance to take the high ground, as VP's Batrider found Gyrocopter out of place and pulled him into the base, but without sufficient follow-up, Gyro popped the Cheese and Dignitas turned around the fight, ending the game at 42 minutes.

Game 3

VP started out aggressively pushing, punishing the greed of Dignitas picking up four farm dependent heroes, knocking on the Tier 3 Towers by 5 minutes and claiming a Roshan by 7 minutes. The one early glimpse of light for Dignitas after giving up towers and three deaths was that Storm Spirit was able to find out Luna in order to pop the Aegis not long after it had been picked up.

However, as VP continued to find kills, their advantage was compounded, with Lone Druid freely farming and Nature's Prophet picking up an early Hand of Midas. Storm Spirit was the one hope of Dignitas, as he found a few more kills and lead his team on farm and levels.

At 18 minutes, another teamfight went heavily VP's way as Bane was able to provide the cover for Luna to escape at the back end of the fight. This also opened it up for VP to claim Roshan, claiming the Aegis for Luna. With this advantage, VP felt safe going for the top lane high ground at 21 minutes.

With the Spirit Bear on the frontlines, VP brought down the Melee Barracks before Storm Spirit and Lifestealer tried to initiate on them, but to no avail, as they both went down quickly, and Dignitas has to concede defeat.

Game 4

Dignitas drafted another greedy lineup, but went for the daring choice of running double offensive junglers and finding first blood on VP's Puck at mid with an early rotation. As Dignitas rotated down with Shadow Shaman, Batrider and Dark Seer, they found another two kills at bot before overstaying their welcome and giving up two themselves.

Meanwhile VP's offensive trilane was entirely shutting down Tiny on top lane, and as they began finding kills on him as well, eavening out the kills with a few skirmishes going their way. However, with Dignitas winning the first big teamfight of the game at 12 minutes, the first Roshan went the way of the Americans, also claiming the life of Puck who managed to land himself out of position as he tried to steal the Aegis before Templar Assassin picked it up.

With the momentum rolling, Dignitas was able to take a few smaller fights and pick off towers, helping Tiny make the comeback and picking up his Aghanims Scepter. Feeling confident, they tried to take the high ground at bottom lane, claiming the Tier 3 Tower at 21 minutes before backing off, chased away by Jakiro's Macropyre.

At 23 minutes Dignitas picked up an Aegis for Templar Assassin and 4-0'd VP in a teamfight outside of Roshan's Pit. Right before the Aegis was to be reclaimed, Dignitas pushed in at bottom lane, claiming all of VP's lineup and forcing them all to buy back, before dying again. This allowed Dignitas to take out the bottom lane of Barracks at 28 minutes without even losing the Aegis.

Dignitas took a final big fight 4-1 at 30 minutes, allowing them to drop the mid Barracks and rotating top to secure their mega creeps, forcing out the 'GG'.

us Dignitas beat ru Virtus.Pro 3-1


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