April Fools: joinDOTA presents a new tournament

posted by HolyMaster,
You thought atoD was an uncommon competition? You thought The Defense was a tough challenge for the participants? You thought wrong! joinDOTA is proudly presenting a brand new tournament that demands a wide range of skills from each player. With so many Dota 2 cups and leagues running these days we we're aiming to do something new, something different - bring in some fresh ideas to spice thing up. The joinDOTA task force has brainstormed for weeks and came up with a bunch of interesting new gamemodes. After several discussions and votings we picked the best of them to be the foundation of an extraordinary competition: The Dotingness Marathon.

It will take place on April 12th-14th with a prizepool of at least 1000€ sponsored by random.org and feature some of the best teams in the world. Besides that guaranteed money, we will raise the prizes based on the ticket sales in DotaTV. More information about the ticket will be released next week.

The Game Modes

These are diversified types of matches you will be able to see in the Dotingness Marathon.

I. Traitor Mode
One player from each team, the traitor, switches sides - he plays for the enemy team. The traitor may stay in communication with his real teammates at all times and manipulate the opponents by revealing their plans or using his skills against them. Feeding isn't allowed though: If the traitor dies three times, he has to leave the game. Mode is Random Draft, the traitors pick first. Disable Help is banned

II. No Fun Allowed
The game gets played on a really crappy server for both teams (e.g. Shanghai). To decrease the fun even more the mode is Reverse CM. Classic 5 melee carry strats or rather delay dependent utility heroes with 500ms? This has tactical depth! Pauses are strictly forbidden in this mode, especially during disconnects. The admins have to be flamed for the server choice at least once in ten minutes.

III. End Game Battle
Cheats are ON this mode. Nevertheless not everything is allowed. Players may give themselves as much gold as they want to as well as level up to 25. All other cheats are forbidden. Since Allpick is played, this leaves the opportunity for mighty pocket strats. Can Phantom Lancer be beaten here?

IV. Limited Options
Teams have to be creative with their decisions here, as not many things are allowed. The picking rules (in Captains Mode) will be different every match. The referee will announce the pool of allowed heroes at the beginning (Examples: Only the first row from each category is allowed; only Strength heroes). On top of that the amount of allowed recipe items gets reduced (Examples: Only Items that give MS; only green items; only items from the first 3 rows), while basic items and ingredients of allowed recipe items can be bought too. That way each game is unique.

V. Roll The Dice
You have to be lucky to win in this mode. Drafting mode is All Random. Your itembuild gets determined by Divine Courage. At the beginning you have to roll a dice to determine your lane (1 = top, 2 = mid, 3 = bot, 4 = roam, 5 = jungle, 6 = you get to choose), you can't leave it until level 6. At every level up you roll a dice to determine what you skill (1/2/3/4 = Spell 1/2/3/4 , 5 = stats, 6 = you get to choose; if you can't skill what you rolled, skill stats or nothing).

We are still open for additional ideas. Post them in the comments, and we might add YOUR suggestion into the tournament!

Schedule & Format

The competition will last three days. The teams get divided into two groups. The top two of each group advances to the semifinal. During the first two days all modes will be used at least twice. After that the community gets to vote for their favourite mode. That one will be played on the final day to determine the champion of the Dotingness Marathon.

The Schedule:Friday (12.04): Group ASaturday (13.04): Group BSunday (14.04): Semifinal + Final

Teams & Coverage

We managed to convince Europe's and North America's best Dota 2 teams to join this amazing event.

us Evil Geniuseseu Fnatic.EUde Mousesportsua Natus Vincerese No Tidehunterde Sgehtus Team Liquid ru Team Empireus Team Dignitasru Virtus.pro
The event will be broadcasted by our very own au Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson and de Moritz 'Moose' Zimmermann on our videostream and in DotaTV. Other broadcasters are free to join them.