The three most picked heroes from DreamLeague Season 11

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We take a look at the three most picked heroes at DreamLeague Season 11 and how patch 7.21d has affected them. A few weeks ago we took a look at the five most played heroes going into the Final Day of DreamLeague Season 11. Now that the action is done in Stockholm, we are taking a finalized look at exactly which heroes were the most popular, and how patch 7.21d has changed them.


The most picked hero with 35 games at the Major was Oracle. As a support, he was a very safe and powerful worthwhile pick. His laning presence was very strong, even early on in the game (Fortune's End does a whopping 120 damage at level 1 for only 75 mana), but he also found great utility in the disarming and purging effects of his toolkit, especially against heroes who did not like being kited, such as Ursa.

Arguably the biggest reason for his popularity is how he counters many of the cores that were popular during the tournament. Carries like Phantom Assassin, Troll Warlord, and the aformentioned Ursa who relish the chance to go on a single target can be effectively stymied by a timely False Promise.

At DreamLeague Season 11 Oracle had a ridiculous 68.57% winrate. After 7.21d, however, Oracle has had his ultimate nerfed by increasing the cooldown, manacost, and also shortening the cast range at lower levels. Globally, Oracle was sitting at 48.97% winrate during the Stockholm Major. After the patch, his winrate has dropped to 46.82% currently.

Globally Oracle was not picked much, sitting at 4.93% during Stockholm. Currently he sits at a slightly lessened 4.18%. While the jero still has his strong laning presence, it will be much harder for him to preserve teammates with his ultimate in the mid to lategame. Everything considered, however, it is not the most debilitating change.

Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman was the second most played hero at the Major. He was picked 34 times and finished the tournament with an even winrate of 50.00%. He was popular for many of the same reasons as Oracle: a strong laning phase nuke and disables which all scale very well.

In addition to this, Shadow Shaman's ultimate made him quite a versatile support, as it could be used offensively, defensively, or utilized to push lanes. His ability to fill so many roles, and also fill holes in a draft, made him a strong pick.

In 7.21d the hero got a very minor nerf, seeing his base intelligence reduced by 2. During DreamLeague Season 11 Shadow Shaman had a global winrate of 52.84%, and a pickrate of 17.91%. Currently his winrate has only dipped slightly to 52.31%, while his pickrate has increased 18.07%.

As his statistics show, Shadow Shaman was picked for his consistency, and it appears that his consistency has endured 7.21d.


The most obnoxious offlaner in the game was also the third most picked hero in Stocholm with 32 matches. A huge reason for his popularity was his skill Swashbuckle, which could be used to chase, to run, and to attack; in addition, the proc chance of Lucky Shot for disarming and silencing was a huge motivation to spam Swashbuckle.

His natural tankiness also added to his appeal, as well as his ultimate Rolling Thunder, which could be used to shift the balance of key teamfights as well as lock down important solo kills. He was simply very well rounded with a few overpowered tools at his disposal.

7.21d was cruel to Pangolier, though, as after some hard (and much needed) nerfs to Lucky Shot—decreasing the proc rate and ensuring that a target is either disarmed or silenced, not both—his statistics have changed.

Pangolier finished DreamLeague Season 11 with a 59.38% winrate. Globally, during the Major, he had a winrate of 50.18% winrate; however, his winrate has plummeted post-patch to 48.24%. He is also being picked much less, as during the tournament he had a 12.34% winrate, but currently it is sitting at 8.77%. Has Pangolier's 15 minutes run out? Only time will tell.

Will these heroes survive in 7.21d?

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