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The joinDOTA League Season 15 reached its final in Asia, crowning a new Champion in Yoshimoto.Detonator while the European Divisions are getting ready to move into the playoffs.

joinDOTA League crowns new Asian Champion

The Asian Premier Division saw a newcomer's dream come true, with the Japanese team Yoshimoto.Detonator being able to suprise everybody. After defeating Team Amplfy in the lower bracket Y.Det won against their division's top seed and jDL veterans in Flower Gaming with whom they split points with during the regular season. In the final Y.Det had to face off against OB Esports x Neon in a best of five. They finished a successfull season with a 3:1 victory in the final, crowning themselves worthy jDL Champions.

European Premier Division heading into playoffs

The playoffs of the European Division will feature two newcomers facing off against two veterans from last season. The Hippomaniacs are going to face Team Singularity, who dominated their division. They sent Unchained Esports, winner of the last jDL season and Pavaga Junior to a shared second place in the standings. UNC and PVG.J are going to have to play a tiebraker deciding who is going to play against Freelancers from Division B. For UNC this is the last chance to defend their title.

Who do you think will win the European Premier Division of the joinDOTA League Season 15?