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Big names and long games are often what a viewer wants to see. Sometimes however, stomps happen. We take a look at some of the high profile stomps and quickest games in Dota’s history. Usually, the quickest victories in Dota arise when a top tier team takes on a group of unknown players. This used to be more frequent in the days of online tournaments; ones that didn’t have a wide range of invited teams, and the top teams would have to fight for their spot. In some cases, the word “fight” might be an overstatement.

These games do not include those from Minor tier competitions.


From time to time a game can end in bizarre circumstances. Many will remember the days when Team Unknown disbanded essentially mid-game, triggered by item dropping gone wrong. The quickest professional game recorded, echoed a similar tone. Back in 6.83 and taking just 5 minutes and 48 seconds, Moscow Five* tapped out of a game against EHOME, in a match that should not have been one sided as it was.

No other games outside of the minor tier have ended before 7 minutes, and only three games have ended in under 8. It was apparent from the draft that M5 were either trying something completely new, or maybe just not trying at all. Their heroes didn’t necessarily make sense, drafting no carries, a Sand King mid and a safelane Pudge.

It was no real surprise that the game ended so quickly, even in-game it seemed like Moscow 5 weren’t really there. They categorically lost their lanes and after a triple kill from EHOME’s Queen of Pain, GG was called after 5 minutes and 48 seconds. The records show it ended after 6 minutes and 37 seconds; the time the throne exploded.

Alliance vs iNfernity

So sometimes a team feels defeated and they tap out. It can be a case of feeling like a comeback isn’t possible, a draft gone wrong or potentially just a feeling of poor communication. However, when your barracks are taken in just 7 minutes, you’ve been directly outplayed. Back in 2013, Alliance pulled off, arguably, the perfect game.

Playing against the best Czech team at the time, Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and the team constructed the best early game / pushing line-up their game could have asked for. Investing in the early game against a third pick Anti-Mage, Alliance picked Leshrac, Crystal Maiden, Undying, Pugna and of course, Henrik 'AdmiralBulldog' Ahnberg’s Nature’s Prophet.

An incredible early few team fights quickly transitioned into a Tier 1, followed by a Tier 2 and 3 with just a kill or two for Alliance. The push from Edict, Prophet’s Treants and Pugna’s Nether Blast was more than enough to melt towers. The important part to remember of the Alliance draft is the Pugna and Nature’s Prophet.

Infernity lost their bottom tier 1 at 5:38, their bottom tier 2 at 6:27, and their bottom tier 3 at 7:36, and with one last lost teamfight, called gg at 7:49.

EG vs NaVi – The disaster game

We refer to this game as the disaster game for a number of reasons. Playing a best of three against Evil Geniuses at WEC, Natus Vincere had already taken the first game. Their draft looked reasonable with a Tiny / IO, alongside a Skywrath / Void combination, they certainly had synergy between their picks. EG however, had other plans. Picking 5 heroes with excellent pushing potential, the American organisation channelled their inner Alliance, and pushed hard.

Transitioning one kill into a tower, the boys in blue were able to deathball fast. Watching the game, it’s impressive to see how quickly things derailed after Saahil 'Universe' Arora finds a kill on the offlane Clockwerk, complimented by the courier. Refering back to the important part of Alliance’s draft in the previously discussed game, Nature’s Prophet and Pugna were key to the speed at which EG pushed, of course complimented by Venomancer, Jakiro and Naga Siren.

Before Na’Vi can even respond to the ridiculous onslaught before them, EG have taken fight after fight and endlessly transitioned their success into pushing power. By 8 minutes, Na’Vi had just a solitary outer tower remaining. It was one of the most dominant performances seen at a LAN event.

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