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Team Odd wins against Guilherme 'Costabile' Silva Costabilé and his team-mates at Rei do Picole in the Grand Finals of the South American qualifier. They'll represent their region at the Minor. While Team Odd is a new organization and a new name to us, we're very familiar with the players. Elvis 'Scofield' de la Cruz, Alonso 'kotaro' Leon Arango and their three team-mates joined the organization at the start of February.

Before that, the Peruvian squad played for Demolition Boys and attended The Bucharest Minor where they finished in 7-8th place.

The position four support Elvis 'Scofield' de la Cruz joined the squad by the end of January to replace Steve 'stingeR' Vargas. However, for him it's also the second Minor of the season. He played for Infamous alongside Enzo 'Timado' Gianoli in the first Minor of the season, the DreamLeague Season 10.

Team Odd made it crystal clear that they're the third best team of their region right now. Infamous and Chaos Esports Club made it to the Major and Team Odd won every game in the Minor qualifier with 2-0 - even Thunder Predator didn't have a chance against their local rivals.

This means that Thunder Predator won't be able to continue their DPC success story: at The Chongqing Major they finished in 9-12th place after beating NoPangolier.

What chances does Team Odd have to win the StarLadder Minor?

Photo credit: DreamHack - Jennika Ojala