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Group C was supposed to be such an open and shut case, and for the most part it was, but at the very end we got ourselves a surprise twist.

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While both fi rat in the dark and us Infinity Gaming Black posed little threat to either of the top two teams in the group, to the point that se No Tidehunter did away with the Americans in just over 10 minutes, the final match was a bit more surprising.

After the unfortunate loss against eu Fnatic.EU yesterday on Anti-Mage, se Jonathan 'Loda' Berg picked up the hero once more in the final game of the group up against fr dd.Dota, looking for some vindication. They rounded things out with a safe and sound Lone Druid for se Henrik 'AdmiralBulldog' Ahnberg, just to make sure that nothing could go wrong.

Now for those of you who have not kept up with the changes going on in dd.Dota, they've spent some time out of the limelight as slowly but surely all of the Danish players whom we used to know from the old roster left the team and were replaced. This new roster may not be as familiar to many, but the results speak for themselves. fr Thibault 'Funzii' Calonne in particular ran the day on his Queen of Pain, racking up 13 kills and 12 assists without ever being taken down in todays game.

Indeed, there was no redemption to be had for Loda today, as dd.Dota took control of the game early on with a aggressive lineup, ran the mad and kept the Swedes from finding the space to farm which they so depend on. In particular se Gustav 's4' Magnusson on Batrider was shut down really hard, which is highly uncharacteristic for this premier midlaner.


First and second place teams qualify for the LAN finals in Poland.

1st - fr dd.Dota
2nd - se No Tidehunter
3rd - fi rat in the dark
4th - us Infinity Gaming Black

Tune in tomorrow for Group D - The Russian Ball of Death!