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The first day of the DreamLeague S11: Southeast Asia Qualifier was a blast. One forfeit and a spectacular appearance by Mineski made for very entertaining Dota 2 action. Meanwhile went undefeated on the opening day of the DreamLeague S11: CIS Qualifier. Fnatic topped Group B of the SEA qualifier for the DreamLeague Major in Stockholm, Sweden. Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang and his teammates easily took down WarriorsGaming.Unity before being pitted against PG.Barracx who had beaten BOOM Esports before.

However, the manager of the Indonesians misinterpreted the time of their match against Fnatic. Because of that, the players didn't join the lobby in time, resulting in a forfeit and making Fnatic the winner of Group B.

Instead of having a chance at taking first place in the group, PG.Barracx had to play another series against their fellow countrymen BOOM ID for second place. This time, it didn't go as well as the first time. BOOM ID were able to beat PG.Barracx and take the place in the Upper Bracket of the qualifier.

Mineski surprises TNC

In Group A, Mineski surprised the fans with an impressive run into the Upper Bracket of the playoffs. After a decisive 2-0 against Lotac, the team also defeated TNC Predator, currently in 9th place in the Dota Pro Circuit, without dropping a single game. The Filipinos merely managed to get 11 kills in the whole series.

In the last match of the first day, TNC also lost to Lotac, placing them against WG.Unity in the Lower Bracket of the playoffs. Carlo 'Kuku' Palad and co. clearly have to work on their issues if they want to make it to Stockholm.

On Saturday, the qualifier continues with the playoffs. Mineski faces BOOM ID in the first round of the Upper Bracket. At the same time, Fnatic and Lotac will duke it out.

Flawless takes first place

While the first day of the Asian Qualifiers has already ended, the teams from the CIS region are still playing at the moment. breezed through the group stage, taking down Winstrike and Pavaga without losing a game.

In Group A, AS Monaco Gambit managed to place first by beating Natus Vincere 2-0 and NoPangolier 2-1.

In both groups, the last match is still to be played. The winners make it into the Upper Bracket of the playoffs where and Gambit are already waiting for their opponents on Saturday.

Who will qualify for the Stockholm Major from the SEA and CIS region?

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