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The series between and PSG.LGD certainly lived up to the hype. The CIS side took down their Chinese opponents 2-0 to guarantee themselves a top-three finish at The Chongqing Major. Meanwhile,

Game 1 was an incredibly close back-and-forth affair. The teams traded kills in a series of skirmishes, before a five-for-none team-fight around the 25-minute mark set LGD on their way.

However, despite a 10k deficit, VP fought back. They wiped LGD in the 50th minute, sealing their comeback and the first game.

Game 2 started in similar fashion. The teams picked up kills in minor skirmishes, with the first significant team-fight coming in the 10th minute as VP took a five-for-one.

The net worth advantage remained minimal until the 28th minute, when a series of skirmishes set VP on their path to victory. In the end it was Roman 'RAMZEs' Kushnarev who proved the difference between the sides, with combined figures of 34/5/22 on Juggernaut and Phantom Assassin.

The result was even more impressive given the loss of captain Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin to illness before the match. Coach Arsenii 'ArsZeeqq' Usov stood in, and the team balance seemed to be unaffected.

Secret set up mouthwatering VP clash

The second Upper Bracket match saw Team Secret take on EHOME, with the Chinese sideโ€™s resurgent form carrying on from their win at The Bucharest Minor.

The opener went to the Europeans, in game of little action. Players from both sides were picked off as Secret built their lead steadily. With everyone chipping in, they amassed a 25k lead and closed out the match inside 28 minutes.

Game 2 was more of a bloodbath, one that seemed to be a battle of the two carries. Li 'ASD' Zhiwen picked up ten for himself as EHOME built an almost-10k advantage, but Secret dug deep to claw themselves back into the contest.

In the end, matters were decided by the outstanding Polish carry Michaล‚ 'Nisha' Jankowski โ€” he helped himself to a triple rampage on Phantom Assassin for a total of twelve kills, sealing the 2-0 win and Secretโ€™s place in the top three.

Can anyone stop

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