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It's the start of a new week and time for us to get back into the RaidCall EMS One groupstages, where this week the remaining two groups will be played out in order to determine the final participants for the LAN finals coming up next month.

Image links to Coverage page for EMS One along with the complete standings

Last week in Group A de Mousesports managed to take the top spot over eu Fnatic.EU in a minor upset, with se TCM-Gaming and us Fnatic.NA trailing.

Meanwhile Group B was the main attraction, as not only were the current kings of the North American scene, us Team Liquid eliminated from the competition, but there was a three-way tie between ua Na`Vi, dk Absolute Legends and eu Kaipi, with Na`Vi and aL advancing on time ratings.

These four teams, Mouz, Fnatic.EU, Na`Vi and aL are now all set to attend the LAN finals, 20th-21st of April in Poland.

Group C

Group C will be played today and is probably the most lopsided of the groups, with se No Tidehunter looking very confident of their victory. The second qualifier spot will be up for grabs between eu dd.Dota and fi rat in the dark, although the edge probably belongs to dd.Dota, as rat has not recently been able to live up to their initial promise. us Infinity Gaming Black are the unknown North American challenger of the group, who have the group of a lifetime to try and prove themselves in.

Group D

Tomorrows group will be the so called "Russian group", with no less than three of the best teams hailing from Russia right now participating. ru Virtus.Pro and ru Team Empire are favoured to claim the group, with Empire the favourite to win it all after their performance at Techlabs Cup last weekend. The third Russian team in the group, ru RoX.KiS is the dark horse team who will aim to provide us with similar upsets as last weeks Group B, and have recently shown their potential by taking games off us Team Dignitas.

Unfortunately, the North American team us Eosin+4 are well and truly the underdogs going into this group, as so far no NA team has been able to advance.


As always, joinDOTA will be providing the English live commentary for EMS One on au Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson's stream and de Christian 'Epi' Czech's stream.