posted by Tezzeret,
In a bid to promote a more active Dota scene in the Balkans, a local LAN Café in Serbia by the name of KGB-HQ will be hosting a tournament with product offerings from CM Storm worth 2,000€ and 500€ in cash to the top teams participating in the tournament.

Photo of a recent CS:GO event hosted at KGB-HQ.
Photo by: E-Frag

There is room for a maximum of 32 teams at the tournament, which will feature a groupstage into a single elimination playoff, with the further specifics of the format to be determined once the organizers know how many teams will be involved.

The event will take place over two days, 20th-21st of April from 9:00-16:00 CET, at the highly regarded KGB-HQ Net Café, located at Ruzveltova 1 in Belgrade, Serbia. There will be a 45€ entrance fee for teams interested in participating. For any additional information please contact the organizer's e-mail.

Prize Distribution:

First place: 5x CM Storm Trigger
5x CM Storm Ceres400
350 Euro

Second place: 5x CM Storm Quick Fire TK
5x CM Storm Recon Mouse
100 Euro

Third Place: 5x CM Storm Sonuz
5x CM Storm Power RX
50 Euro