UPDATE: Miracle- misses Chongqing Major, Wings' shadow to deputise

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According to Ukrainian caster Vitali “v1lat” Volochai, Team Liquid will have to make do without mid-laner Amer 'Miracle-' Al-Barkawi for The Chongqing Major, due to visa issues. Former Wings Gaming and TI6 winner Chu 'Shadow' Zeyu will complete the line-up in his stead.

Update: 15:30 CET

Team Liquid have released a statement confirming Miracle-'s absence from the Major, but not for the reasons previously speculated upon. According to their post on LiquidDota, the absence is due to the player taking care of 'a private, personal matter'. No further comment will be given at this time.

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With the Major just days away, this news comes as a surprise and is sure to affect Liquid’s chances of claiming their first Major victory of the season.

A Reddit thread claims that the visa issues are the result of the ongoing political dispute between China and Poland over spying claims against telecommunications company Huawei.

The post claims that the conservative Chongqing government regards visas as ‘effective weapons against political dissidents’ — a term the post applies to inactive TNC Predator player Carlo 'Kuku' Palad, himself embroiled in controversy with China.

The final claim is that as a holder of a Polish passport through his mother, Miracle- represents a ‘major potential threat of securing the championship by a Chinese team’. The post also backs up v1lat’s claim that shadow will fill in for the side at the Major.

Team Secret Director of Operations Matthew “Cyborgmatt” Bailey has responded to queries about his side’s own Polish player, the young carry Michał 'Nisha' Jankowski, saying that the player is already in the country and that they have had no issues.

While nothing has been confirmed by Team Liquid regarding Miracle- at this point, v1lat has also revealed that their new coach will be former Natus Vincere and PENTA Sports player Roman 'rmN' Paley.

What do you make of these new developments in the Chongqing Major saga?

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