Get ready for the joinDOTA League Calibration Phase!

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Gather your friends and get ready for some competitive Dota 2 action! Sign up NOW for joinDOTA League Season 15 and take part in the newly-christened Calibration Phase! We’ve made some important changes to the joinDOTA League. This includes reshaping the divisions in order to give you more chances at climbing the ladder each season, but also to introduce more dynamic groups!

To better reflect what Preseason is all about, and to fit in with these changes, we’ve renamed it the Calibration Phase.

Apart from the name change, very little changes about this part of the season — it’s still a series of matches played near the end of the sign-up period, in which teams have a shot at improving their position in the league system when the season begins.

Check out our Calibration Phase FAQ for more info!

You can find a more detailed explanation of all League changes by following the links above.

We’re absolutely confident that the changes will create a forward-thinking league designed to give all teams a fantastic introduction to competitive Dota, with optimal chances at progression. In short, a League that truly kickstarts careers!

But don’t take our word for it…

For more details on this season's joinDOTA League, check out the rules.

Don’t forget to check out the FAQ, too!

Do we need to remind you again? SIGN-UP NOW!

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