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Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal has his own show where he reveals the biggest NBA fails of the week. We copied that a bit and wrote our own Dota 2 edition for The Bucharest Minor. Here are four fails you need to rewatch.

Let's dive right into our Dota 2 fail highlights from The Bucharest Minor:

Missing map awareness

We begin with the most obvious fail — the end of the first game between BOOM Esports and beastcoast will be one of the highlights of the year, even though it's only January. BOOM ID lost four of their heroes in the deciding team fight in front of their Ancient without buyback. The obvious reaction was to call 'GG', because you can't defend your base anyways.

However, they completely forgot that their lines of creeps were attacking Team Team's Ancient at the same time. It's easy to see that the creeps would have destroyed the Ancient if the Indonesian team hadn't called 'GG'. Even the Glyph was still up - they could have had an easy win in the end.

Underlord's gank failed

Everything was ready: only two AS Monaco Gambit players were in the bot lane, EHOME smoked and were just waiting for Underlord to activate his Dark Rift. They would have destroyed Beastmaster and Terrorblade. However, Zhang 'Faith Bian' Ruida got a bit too excited and moved too early. He went so far that his teammates couldn't be teleported to the bottom lane - and he was on his own.

At least he made it out alive and created space for his team, but it's still a hilarious fail.

Failed RP by EHOME

Magnus and his RP can be a game-changer. If he hits enemy heroes like Ceb did during the event, the fight goes in your favour. However, a failed initiation — thanks to a badly placed RP — can also be a deciding factor. Just not for your team, though.

EHOME were trying to kill Rosh while Gambit approached. The Chinese team were trying to bait for Faith_bian to initiate with Magnus, but he failed and only hits one player. Gambit uses this momentum and takes the fight in their favour. This was the team fight which made it possible for Gambit to win the game - the only game EHOME lost during the Minor.

From highlight to fail

We had already included this play already in our highlight clips from the Minor. The way Alfi 'Khezcute' Syahrin Nelphyana flew in with Phoenix and snatched the Aegis without taking damage is impressive. However, from OG's point of view, it was a huge fail.

They were in the lead at that moment, and BOOM knew they were fighting Rosh - an attempt at the snatch should have been expected, especially since OG had a ward in the enemy jungle that revealed Khezcute's preparation to snatch the Aegis.

Did we miss a fail? What was your highlight?

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