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New year, a new showmatch — the joinDOTA Turbo Masters brings another thrilling encounter. Two South American teams will do battle on Tuesday for pride and a $1,000 prize!

Three regions are taking part in the joinDOTA Turbo Masters — Asia, Europe and the Americas. In each region, two teams will do battle in a best-of-seven, winner-takes-all match worth $1,000.

As the name suggests, the game mode is Turbo, meaning we’re in for some fast and frantic Dota 2 action. Expect crazy picks, wild plays and more deaths than you can reasonably count using your limbs alone!

In the last best-of-seven showmatch, two teams from Southeast Asia met in the Turbo Masters to battle for glory and $1,000. A thrilling series saw Clutch Gamers defeat Yoshimoto.Detonator by a 4-3 scoreline, taking the crown as champions of the first Turbo Masters.

We're staying in the South, but moving to another continent for the next battle — Thunder Predator and Gorillaz - Pride will face off in the second edition of the joinDOTA Turbo Masters.

Major team against jDL kings

Neither of the two Peruvian teams are no-names to attentive readers — especially Thunder Predator, who have been extremely successful lately. They were the beneficiaries of the disqualification of paiN X in The Chongqing Major: South America Qualifier, and will therefore attend the Major in China. They surprisingly beat Infamous, South America's top team, twice in the qualifier and initially finished third.

Thunder Predator — full line-up:

pe Juan 'AtunnN' Ochoa
pe Leonardo 'Leostyle-' Sifuentes
pe Frank 'Frank' Arias
pe Farith 'Matthew-' Puente
pe Sergio 'shccD' Toribio

Gorillaz - Pride also attended the South American qualifier for the Major. However, they didn't make it out of the Group Stage — Infamous and test123 were too strong for the up-and-coming Peruvian line-up. On the other hand, they put in an incredible performance in the joinDOTA League Season 14, which they won by defeating Team South in the Grand Finals thanks to a 3-0 clean sweep.

Gorillaz - Pride — full line-up:

pe Bernardo David 'Berna' Rocca Alarcon
pe Jean Pierre 'Chris Brown' Gonzales
pe Bryan Freddy 'Smash' Sina
ec Alexis 'sl4d1n' Cepeda
Alex Davila 'Masoku' Matallana

The showmatch between the South American teams will take place on Tuesday, 8 January at 23:00 CET / 17:00 PET / 08:00 PHT (Wednesday). You can follow all the plays here:

Who do you think is going to win this matchup?