4 Artifact heroes that would fit perfectly into Dota 2

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Wykrhm's tweet brings hope to the Dota 2 community, they found enough clues in his post to predict a release of Mars who should be added to the game this winter. Meanwhile, we take a look at the Artifact heroes and collected who we'd like to see in Dota 2.

Mars conspiracy

The Mars planet in the background, a font reminding us of the Mars announcement post and Curiosity - a Mars rover - in the text post are the latest hope of the Dota 2 community. Since Grimstroke was released during the final day of The International 2018, fans are discussing what the second hero of the announcement could be like.

One year ago we already reported that details were leaked linking to a hero called Mars. At TI8, Valve finally revealed that Mars will be patched into the game. However, the fans had to wait, since the official teaser said he'd be added by winter 2018/19.

Winter started, and we still didn't get any news on the release of Mars. Wykrhm's tweet is the last straw people are holding on right now — when is Mars coming?

Artifact - the new hero pool

Monkey King was the last hero that made a short appearance in the original DotA or at least was planned to be published on the old platform and then got implemented into Dota 2. So Dark Willow, Pangolier and Grimstroke are not based on any old heroes and have new abilities. This made it more difficult for the community to predict what the hero will be like.

However, with the release of Artifact Valve has a new pool of heroes they could simply embed into Dota 2. Artifact has 48 different hero cards — 12 for each of the four types (black, blue, green and red).

While most of the heroes are Dota 2 characters brought into Artifact, some of them are Artifact only. In fact, nine hero cards from Artifact are not in Dota 2 yet. A pool Valve could use for the upcoming years to satisfy the Dota community with more characters — but who should be implemented first?

Four heroes that should be patched into Dota 2


Mazzie is a red hero that is pretty common in the game, but stands out with solid default values in Armor, Attack and Health - he's a good all rounder. His signature card is "Steel Reinforcement" which needs four mana points and strenghtens your tower +1 Armor.

He would be a good asset to the Dota 2 universe. While Treant can already heal his own towers Mazzie could be a good tactical pick to slow pushes of the enemy, if his signature card would be implemented as one of his abilities.

Sorla Khan

Sorla Khan is one of the most frequently used black heroes in Artifact, because of her good default values in Attack and Health. While Mazzie is a good tactical hero to stop pushes, Sorla could be the ultimate hero to snowball the enemies. Her ability "Warmonger" is a continuous effect in Artifact and gives her +4 damage when she's attacking a hero.

On top of that her signature card "Assault Ladders" gives allies +2 damage when they attack the tower, as long as the card is on the lane — Nature's Prophet and Co. would get a rival in new pushing strategy.


Rix is a green hero who is not the damage dealer, but is equipped with good Health which makes him hard to kill. He could be a great support hero, giving that his signature card "Act of Defiance" can silence a unit for the round.

His ability "Relentless Rebel" is a continuous effect and has Rapid Deployment. This means Rix doesn't have to wait two rounds to reenter the deck. Translated to Dota 2 this could mean that he has a way shorter death duration when he gets killed. He can sacrifice his life for his carry and reenter the game fast.


Prellex is a blue hero that is mostly used in special situations, because his Attack and Health are not really impressive. However, his special abilities makes him a pain in the ass for every opponent who wants to snowball a lane.

"Bringer of the Faithful" can summon a Melee Creep into Prellex's lane each deployment phase which makes it impossible to catch him alone. Another advantage is his signature card "Barracks" spawning another Melee Creep. The creeps around him could be working similar to Nature's Prophet's "Nature's Call" with one difference: Prellex doesn't need trees. This would make Prellex especially faster in team fights or for pushing a tower - and therefore more dangerous.

Which Artifact hero would you like to see in Dota?

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