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With the new DPC season getting firmly underway there are still a handful of top tier players left in the dust. Who are the top free agents from each region?

North America

BSJ – After not finding the success he wanted on team Rooons, the squad disbanded after DreamLeague and left America’s favourite Banana teamless for the upcoming season. Dabbling in streaming and being on panels in the past, BSJ is certainly one of the high profile players without a team this year.

Duster – Since the addition of w33 to the roster of Pain people have been paying attention. Since the release of Duster’s player profile at TI8, people recognised what the organisation meant to such a young player. Sadly, at the age of just 18 he departed his favourite organisation to make way for experienced captain Misery. Either way, people acknowledged Duster’s raw talent at such a young age, and he will certainly make a great addition to any team looking for a talented support player.


Black^ - His most recent stint on a team featured an international lineup with a Russian player, player from the Philippines and two Danish players. Failing to qualify for The International, Black became teamless. He was set to be on a “high profile Chinese team” but unfortunately broke his hand. An unfortunate timing for Black^, leaving him teamless going into 2019.

MiLAN – The Bosnian impressed on his latest team J.Storm. He proved why he belonged alongside names such as March, Forev and Moo. Unfortunately, despite their success as a team, beating Forward Gaming to qualify for the Chongqing Major, he was removed from the roster to make room for Fear. Now a high profile name, MilaN has made a name for himself, and will certainly be looking to bounce back bigger and better.


Cty – After leaving EHOME as a result of their failed TI8 run, the Chinese core player decided it was best to move on. He experienced success with EHOME over the years, however in recent seasons that success dwindled significantly. Having played for organisations such as Vici and Team DK, Cty is by no means a low-key player.

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XinQ – Team Serenity, under the tutelage of coach SanSheng, had a respectable run at TI8 for a team that were considered underdogs. Despite this, just a few months after the conclusion of the competition, XinQ was removed from the roster. Unable to find a new team for the upcoming series of tournaments, XinQ was replaced by Malaysian position 5 Rodgee, who has been playing in China for the past year.


Mushi – The pride of Malaysia, Mushi, was left teamless after a series of poor performances. Despite their seemingly star-studded roster, they had a plethora of communication issues that left the captain unable to take control from the support position. Mushi always seems to rebuild teams around himself, and the best of the best relish the opportunity to play alongside him. Perhaps it is only a matter of time before Mushi finds himself at the helm of a top tier organisation.

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ChuaN – Another Malaysian legend ChuaN has been seemingly teamless for the majority of 2018. Despite time on Echo International, spectators never really saw the organisation play, and Chuan has been teamless since. Not finding a new home in the pre and post TI scrambles, the TI2 winner was once again left without an organisation to represent. Wherever Chuan goes, fans will follow. Whichever team ends up with such a legendary player will be a lucky one.


Dendi – Although it doesn’t need mentioning, Dendi is still without an organisation. Potentially waiting for the right offer, or even maybe building a team around his own network, the diehard Na’Vi fans wait with baited breath to find out which team to root for next. Unsure whether it will be in the CIS region, the next move that Dendi makes will be a historic one. Until then, he enters 2019 teamless still.

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GeneraL – There were times when GeneraL was one of the most in demand offlaners in the Dota 2 scene. After seeing some of his outrageous outplays on Na’Vi, teams wanted them for himself. However, it’s difficult to convince a player to leave Na’Vi for a number of reasons. Eventually, as the organisation as we knew it slowly fell to pieces, GeneraL was left teamless. A small stint on, also a free agent, Lil’s team Odium saw GeneraL back in competitive play, but the team quickly disbanded.

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