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28 July
17:00 CEST
Hellbear Smashers

For.Love acquire KingJ and Zippo

posted by Sun_Tzu,
After the former captain of cn For.Love, cn Wang 'Banana' Jiao, left for cn TongFu, the team had a void to fill, to which the answer comes today in the form of two well established players of the scene. might be a lord, but here comes the King.

cn Zhou 'Zippo' Xiong left cn DK shortly after The International 2012, as his place was taken by former cn EHOME players cn Yao 'QQQ' Yi and cn Lei 'Dai' Zengrong. While he had been part of the team during their dominance of the Chinese scene, he seemed to have been laden with the blame for what overall was a weak showing by the whole team during this most crucial moment for them.

cn Zhou 'KingJ' Yang meanwhile is known to many from his time with EHOME, whom he joined after leaving cn For The Dream, the team of cn Wu '2009' Sheng and cn Gong 'ZSMJ' Jian, shortly before they became cn LGD. KingJ played for EHOME through their "Golden Era", but ultimately ended up leaving the team in 2011 for a short stint in DK, which lead to him missing out on The International 2011. He did however make a return to EHOME for The International 2012, where they finished in shared 5th place, leading to the team disbanding again.

While KingJ has been a member of many a big name team, he is also known for being a restless soul, having trouble settling down with any one team for a long period of time. This instability has been probably the greatest hindrance for him becoming as famous as some of his former teammates.

cn Bai 'TuTu' Fan, formerly known as 'AABF' during his time as coach for DK, has also left the team some time ago. He made a quick pass through cn RattleSnake, who decided they needed a support rather than a carry player. In TuTu's place, RattleSnake is now playing with cn Li 'Sag' Guo, who formerly went under the name of 'Neo' during his time in cn TuTu in turn is now a free agent.

For.Love Roster

cn Huang 'Hanci' Hanci
cn Zhang '8gk' Haohao
cn Yang 'you' Houyi
cn Zhou 'KingJ' Yang
cn Zhou 'Zippo' Xiong