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The joinDOTA Turbo Masters Asia showmatch turned out to be the series we all wanted — one that went the full seven-game distance and was full of manic Dota 2 action. Congratulations go to Clutch Gamers, who defeated Yoshimoto.Detonator to claim the $1,000 prize! Game 1 started with a bang — an early 6-for-4 trade set the tone for what was a back-and-forward affair. DeToNator saw an eventual 20k lead obliterated thanks to Hiew Teck 'AlaCrity' Yoong and everyone’s favourite hero of late, Phantom Assassin, as Clutch took the win.

Games 2 and 3 went over to DeToNator in a pair of relatively dominant results. Four players across two games picked up 10 kills or more — Benhur 'Benhur' Lawis’s Storm Spirit, Ralph Richard 'RR' Peñano’s Pangolier, Samson E. 'SamH' Hidalgo’s Bounty Hunter and Ryan Jay 'raging-potato' Qui’s Phoenix doing the damage.

Clutch levelled things up in Game 4, collecting the most kills as a team in the entire series with 51. Three players chipped in with ten or more, AlaCrity’s Invoker doing the most to destroy DeToNator.

Game 5 reverted to being a real battle, one which Clutch won in just under eighteen minutes. Despite raging-potato’s Alchemist putting in a decent shift, it was Jian Zhe 'BrayaNt' Pang’s Zeus who took the plaudits as Clutch overturned a 9k lead to reach match-point.

Breaking out the Tusk, raging-potato was having none of it. He ran rampant as DeToNator sealed a 19-minute win with double the number of kills as their opponents — and forcing a deciding Game 7 in the process.

And so, to a straight shootout for the series win. With Nature’s Prophet and Phoenix proving deadly as a combo, Clutch Gamers led from start to finish — only briefly losing their lead as DeToNator threatened to make a comeback.

A five-for-zero around the 16-minute mark effectively sealed the game for the Malaysian side, as they picked off their opponents over the next four minutes to win the $1,000 prize.

Afterwards, Gareth spoke to Clutch star Lee 'Ky.xY' Kong Yang:

You can rewatch the entire broadcast here.

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