SEA trio brings coL back by winning the NA qualifier!

posted by Smyke,
The third qualifier for ESL One Katowice 2018 is over. compLexity Gaming are the third team to make it to the event in Poland, along with TNC Predator and AS Monaco Gambit. Only one more team is to be decided.

As of last night, we finally know which team will compete for North America at ESL One Katowice 2018compLexity Gaming.

Rolen Andrei Gabriel 'ctm' Ong, Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao and JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu left the North American organisation. Only the original duo of Linus 'Limmp' Blomdin and Zakari 'ZfreeK' Freedman remained to try and build a new team.

They added SEA veterans Galvin 'Meracle-' Kang Jian Wen and Adam Erwann 'Adam' Shah, as well as Yang 'Deth' Wu Heng on a trial basis.

coL make up for the DPC disappointment

The new trio didn't get much time to acclimatise to the rest of the team — it wasn't even a week before coL took part in the qualifier for the Major, but they didn't even make it into the playoffs.

Afterwards, they lost in the Grand Finals of the Minor qualifier against Michael 'ixmike88' Ghannam and his team. This means coL won't compete in the next round of DPC tournaments.

However, the new squad took the chance to redeem themselves by qualifying for ESL One Katowice 2018.

They beat Tae Won 'March' Park's J.Storm twice to earm the NA slot for the tournament. The event in the Polish metropolis of Katowice will be held between February 19-24 next year.

Was it the right move to sign the SEA trio?

Photo credit: DreamHack | Jennika Ojala