Talent threatens to boycott Major over TNC controversy

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With the situation still unclear with regards to Carlo 'Kuku' Palad’s participation in The Chongqing Major, several members of the talent pool have declared themselves unavailable until it is resolved. With things becoming more fractured, more calls are being made for Valve to step in.

TNC Predator released a statement yesterday updating the community on the state of things. According to them, while there was no official ban in place, organisers have said that they could not guarantee Kuku’s safety in the country — if he was even allowed to enter.

They supposedly also said that his entry could even force the cancellation of the event. Naturally, this provoked the community into responding, and it’s not a good look for the organisers of the Major.

GranDGrant, Admiral Bulldog, GoDz and 2GD all confirmed their absence in protest. Meanwhile, Redeye, Tobi and V1lat confirmed that they had not even been invited.

Also, Sheever and ODPixel will not attend either The Chongqing Major or The Bucharest Minor, due to the popular host’s upcoming surgery:

Furthermore, TNC released another statement this morning clarifying their post yesterday:

We've been receiving a number of questions since our last statement. We would like to clarify a few things:

1. SLTV, IMBATV's Western partners for the Major, have been kind enough to open lines of communication with us. We have been trying to reach IMBATV through our friends from the Chinese community since it is our goal to have a sincere dialogue with them about the issue and to understand each other's point of view.

To date, we have yet to receive feedback directly from IMBATV. Our doors remain open as we sincerely wish to resolve this matter.

2. We have reached out to Valve and their positions is that our team may still compete at the Major with a stand-in and that no point penalties will be applied. This is the only response we have received from Valve.

We would like to remind the community that we want to resolve this issue as sincerely and peacefully as possible. TNC and Kuku fully understand the gravity of the mistakes committed which is why we have exhausted every avenue to talk with all parties involved, especially the aggrieved.

Our goal is not to divide the communities of our awesome game.

We appreciate the outpouring of support from the community. We do hope this could all be resolved the best possible way.

Again, we are still mulling our options as we are waiting from responses from parties involved before we make our decision. Thank you.

The fact that the tournament organisers have seemingly put the onus on TNC to make the decision is something that has been called out by TorteDeLini in a Tweet. He also suggests a solution:

Valve are still to make any kind of announcement on the matter, something which has the community worked up even more — especially in the face of their swift responses to both the test 123 and Zeus Gaming controversies.

As pressure mounts for Valve to speak out and take a more hands-on role in the professional Dota 2 scene, the community waits for any announcement with baited breath.

The Chongqing Major takes place 19-27 January, 2019.

What do you make of the latest developments in the Major controversy?

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