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In a post on his Twitter account, Peter 'ppd' Dager has took aim at test 123 and paiN Gaming*, claiming that they don’t truly promote the South America region and that what they are doing is ‘unacceptable’.

Drawing on his own experience at OpTic Gaming and conversations with Valve, ppd claimed that the two sides aren’t spending too much time in the region, just flying in for qualifiers and then returning to their homes. He described their actions as ‘robbing a spot’.

The full post is as follows:

I feel as if it's necessary to speak up and say something before we begin our qualifiers today. I'm all for promoting other regions of Dota but what is happening with the 2 mandated SA slots is unacceptable.

I asked Valve last year if we (OpTic) could play SA TI qualifiers from Brazil last year and was told no. I asked again this year if NiP could train in EU and travel to Brazil (we have facilities there for our R6 squad) and play the DPC qualifiers. To this I was told "if you feel like you're cheating the system, you probably are, and that is unacceptable."

This is exactly what is happening with CCNC's team and to some extent Pain Gaming. These teams are spending 1-2 weeks in Brazil for the major qualifier and then are returning back to their homes.

If we are going to allocate spots to regions we are actively trying to promote DotA it needs to be enforced @VALVE. If these players want to live and compete in SA (spend a majority of their time there and be inundated into the community) that is fine. But if they are going to fly in, rob a spot, and fly out we may as well combine NA and SA qualifiers again and give the spots to more competitive regions.

Since the opinion went live just over 14 hours ago, the post has gathered almost 2,000 likes and over 230 retweets, and replies include support from other prominent Dota community members.

Sumail 'SumaiL' Syed Hassan replied with a ‘well said’, while paiN Gaming*’s Brazilian star Danylo 'KINGRD' Nascimento and Beyond the Summit’s David 'Godz' Parker also agreed.

The issue also crossed over to other esports, with Brazilian CS:GO legend Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo also in agreement. Other Dota 2 community members also got involved, with Team Secret coach SunBhie supporting the Quinn 'CCnC' Callahan roster. Caster Moxxi and statisticians Noxville and Nahaz took aim at Valve’s rules — or lack of:

Whatever side you fall on, it is clear that Valve need to speak out on the issue.

What do you make of ppd’s comments?

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