ppd successfully argues against DPC penalty

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After Peter 'ppd' Dager had raised objections to a potential DPC points penalty, questions were raised about Valve’s stand-in rule. Now, it appears that ppd and his Ninjas in Pyjamas side will not be punished at the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Major.

An unfair rule?

With Israeli star Neta '33' Shapira unable to travel to Malaysia due to visa issues, Ninjas in Pyjamas were forced to bring in a replacement. With Valve’s rules punishing stand-ins with a 40% loss in DPC points, ppd had taken to social media to air his views.

With many teams formed and reformed in the post-TI shuffle, players were in the dark as to where Valve would host their tournaments in the new DPC season. When Kuala Lumpur was announced, concerns began to arise.

According to ppd, Malaysia does not have a particularly good diplomatic relationship with Israel, prompting the side to raise concerns with tournament organisers PGL. With no success in having a visa fast-tracked, or even approved, NiP were forced into bringing in a replacement — Team Liquid’s Bulgarian star Ivan 'MinD_ContRoL' Borislavov.

After initially having received no reply from Valve, it appears now that the Ninjas’ prayers have been answered and they will no longer be docked any points they win. What this means for the rule in general remains to be seen, but it does raise questions as to the fairness of a ‘catch-all’ blanket rule in the first place.

Should teams be punished for issues that are out of their control? In this case, it’s clear that the rule punishes 33 and Ninjas unfairly, and perhaps we will see a clarification of the rule from Valve in the near future. Either way, NiP are free to fight for DPC points without worrying about having an immediate disadvantage placed upon them.

What do you think of this development? Is it fair to dock teams points for visa issues?

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