Tigers roar RNG into the Lower Bracket

posted by Smyke,
The Southeast Asian squad around David 'Moonmeander' Tan did it! They beat Royal Never Give Up in the Upper Bracket and need only one more victory to win the first Minor and qualify for The Kuala Lumpur Major. It looked like an easy 2-0 victory for Tigers - they pushed Royal Never Give Up to the edge in game two. However, the Chinese team didn't give up and found a way back in the game. After almost sixty minutes they won one teamfight and turned the whole game.

Tigers on the other hand kept calm after that devastating defeat and came back even stronger in the third matchup in this series. This time RNG had no chance to comeback in the series - Tigers won with 28 to 9 kills after 35 minutes and will wait for the Lower Bracket winner in the Grand Final of the first Minor now.

RNG or Na'Vi - who'll face Tigers?

Earlier today Natus Vincere won against the biggest surprise of the Lower Bracket - Infamous.

The Peruvians defeated both North American teams in the Lower Bracket, but had no solution against Natus Vincere's attack and lost 0-2 against the Ukrainian power house. This means for the first time in this tournament RNG and Na'Vi will play against each other.

Both lost in the Upper Bracket against Tigers and have a reason to fight for revenge in the Grand Finals. However, in the end only one team can win the Minor and qualify for the first Major.

Who do you think will make it?

Photo credit: DreamHack - Jennika Ojala