joinDOTA Oracle — Minor and Major help to find the king of November

posted by joinDOTA Staff,
We’re back with another month of crystal balls and Dota matches as things really kick off in the new season. Are you a top Dota 2 trainer? Can you predict ‘em all? The events are finally back - and the betting gets more intense! ESL One Hamburg 2018 and the start of the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor had a massive impact on the voting for this month. Let's see who was the Oracle of October.

Finally on top: our betting king for this month is jordan1. He finished the September edition in second place. In October, he was finally able to crown himself. And what a dominant victory it was! He bet on a total of 251 games and was correct 178 times. The result: 391.8 points.

Shotwidlove placed second last month. Although he "just" predicted 207 games, he had 148 matches right. It is the second biggest win rate (71.5%) in the top ten. Shotwidlove fell short by having merely 10 points less than jordan1. He can enjoy this good rank for this month.

To round up the top three it's again Alenka who had 376.7 points in the end. It's the second time in a row that Alenka finishes in third place and makes it into our joinDOTA Oracle - very impressive!

Congrats to all the winners. A €25 Steam Gift Card is on its way to you.

Who's the king of the Major?

While we're still in the middle of the Minor, we can get ready for another huge event which starts five days after the end of the Minor. It's only a short break between DreamLeague Season 10 and The Kuala Lumpur Major. Tough times lie ahead of all potential betting kings.

However, don't forget about the joinDOTA League Season 14. Games all over the world in three regional leagues are taking place. That is the perfect spot to gain points in order to reach the top of November.

Need a refresher?

Making predictions on joinDOTA is easy! Just make sure you're logged in to your account on the site, then use either the coin symbol on the match ticker or click "jD Oracle" on the Events section of the menu. Either one will take you to a page that displays the next six matches open for predictions. As soon as you predict a match, it will disappear and a new one will pop in to take its place.

A little further down the page you'll see the rankings (click "Show all" to find past months). Your most recent predictions will be displayed at the bottom. You can find a detailed explanation of how it all works here. And for a detailed breakdown of the formula, see final comment on this thread.

Good luck!