Slacks x Bulldog — an epic in 14 parts

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It’s the casting duo we all dreamed of — but probably don’t deserve. For compLexity Gaming’s 2-0 win over Natus Vincere we were treated to a masterpiece from SirActionSlacks and AdmiralBulldog on the mics. In their own irreverent style they brought us each thrilling moment of what turned out to be a fun series to watch.

Of course, there are WAY too many nuggets to choose from, and we had a hard job whittling them down to a respectable number. In fact, we failed completely. So, have a rather sizeable selection of the best lines.

General Bulldog, reporting for duty

Bit of a false start there, Slacks…

What time of year is it, again?

Um, Slacks… You okay mate?

Bye, Roshan…

Brutal, savage, Shrek’d?

Show some ads!

Slacks’ diet seems… weird.

Run, Forrest, run!

Bulldog’s Halloween

Who’s sponsoring, Slacks?

We do not condone the skinning of cats

Be afraid, it’s the hard carry…

Need some ice for that burn?

Who wants to start the petition for more SirActionBulldog casts?

Header image © DreamHack (via stream)

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