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The DreamHack Dota 2 Invitational starts on Thursday, 14th of March with $6,000 up for grabs. 8 teams from Europe and North America have been invited to participate in this tournament presented by The GD Studio. Click here to view the competition's trailer.

Despite being invited originally, uk James '2GD' Harding has stated that us Evil Geniuses will be unable to participate due to personal commitments. They have been replaced by Russian powerhouse ru

Teams are split into two groups, and will play in a round robin group stage. Upon completion of this stage, the top three teams in each group will advance into the playoffs, with the first place winners securing themselves direct seeding into the semi finals. All matches are best of three, with the grand final a best of five affair. The detailed schedule for the playoffs is yet to be determined, but will be taking place in April.

You will also want to check out the Dota 2 Fantasy League created by Dota Academy, as they will be featuring this tournament. Do you have what it takes to win? Make sure you check it out the league here.

Below are all the details for the DreamHack Dota 2 Invitational:

Prize Allocation:

1st - $2,500 + DreamHack slot
2nd - $1,500
3rd/4th - $1,000

Participating Teams:

Group A:
ru Team Empire
eu QPAD Red Pandas
us Team Liquid

Group B:
us Team Dignitas
eu Fnatic.EU
de mousesports
se No Tidehunter


Group A:14/3 - 21:00 - Team Empire vs Virtus.pro17/3 - 21:00 - Team Empire vs QPAD Red Pandas18/3 - 19:00 - QPAD Red Pandas vs Team Liquid18/3 - 22:00 - vs Team Liquid21/3 - 18:00 - QPAD Red Pandas vs Virtus.pro21/3 - 21:00 - Team Empire vs Team Liquid
Group B:24/3 - 18:00 - Fnatic.EU vs No Tidehunter24/3 - 21:00 - mousesports vs Team Dignitas27/3 - 18:00 - Team Dignitas vs No Tidehunter28/3 - 21:00 - Fnatic.EU vs mousesports31/3 - 18:00 - No Tidehunter vs mousesports31/3 - 21:00 - Fnatic.EU vs Team Dignitas
There may be changes to the schedule, be sure to check back for any possible changes. All games will be casted by The GD Studio.

Follow @TheGDStudio and @DreamHack for any updates on the invitational.