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Brazil's beloved support talks about everything paiN related, and how w33 and Misery have been changing everything.
I'm joined with Kingrd, how are you doing?

I'm fine. I'm not fine. I lost like one pub, I'm so mad. No, still. I'm fine.

When did you get to the UK?

We come like two days ago. After the qualifiers for the major, everyone wants to go home and stay close to their family, and take like a two or three weeks break. We come like two days ago and talk about our mistakes in the qualifiers, and we try to fix it for this tournament. After this we have the ESL major and probably these days are just for talking about what everyone is feeling about the next tournament. This tournament is really good for like, let's see what mistakes we still make, so we can fix it for the ESL Major.

Are you feeling more confident for ESL because of that?

Yeah of course, because I don't know if we're going to have a bootcamp before ESL and this tournament is really good for us. It's not really too many teams, but it's a little bootcamp for a point. We have good teams here, and we need to boost our game. This will be really fun I think.

Your group in ESL is difficult.

Yeah, it's EG, Vici, Alliance...


Mineski and Secret. It's hard. It's really hard.We don't practice against any other team right now because we don't start the practice, so i don't know what we're thinking for ESL. I think it's good but at the same time it's bad. Nobody knows about what we are drafting, and what we are playing, right, which is good. At the same time we don't know anything about what other teams are doing. It'll be hard, and there's a lot we're missing.

Misery is captaining you guys. How is that?

It's a GOOD THING! I started to be captain in the last year, and for me it's good. I changed everything in my life. I tried to be a good person in Dota and a good person outside Dota. For my team, if you are the captain in Dota, you are the captain outside Dota. For me it's really good, sometime at some point in the year, I think I couldn't play my game. I had too many things I had to do, right? I make the calls, I made the drafts, I play the position that was really hard being support 4. With TI, I know I didn't play really well because I forgot about my game to make the calls for my team.

For me right now, it's the best feeling because I can play my game. I can get information for my team, but the best feeling right now that Misery is captain. I didn't hate it right, but I think it's better for a support 5 to take the captain. It's not for me. I had this feeling that I wanted to be captain. I kept on playing but at the same time making the calls, telling who to move where, when we need to make some movements to another side. Everyone was quiet and listened to me, but for some components of the game I lost my game. I was still playing badly. It's not an excuse, it wasn't good for me to keep being playing, and staying the captain. So for now only Misery is making the calls, the draft, and right now, I can show everyone my support 4!

What's the team atmosphere like? How does it compare to before Misery and w33?

It's different. I think like everyone is playing so much better now. I don't know why. I think everyone is playing better because we have a really good captain and really good person, right? We can have Misery, but we still have some mistakes about the communication. We respect misery but sometimes Misery makes the call and everyone should do the thing he says. Sometimes in a game in the qualifiers for the major, Misery wanted to make a call for everyone to come to bottom to push, but sometimes someone trusts in more in themselves but not the captain. Right now it's not the biggest mistake we have, but that's why we try to talk more about listening to Misery, and for him, if he says let's feed in mid, we should all go and feed in mid.

Who's the loudest in your team?

It's me, I talk so much, sometimes Misery will be like "Shut up and listen to me please", and sometimes I need to control myself. Sometimes I'm really annoying, but it's me right!! I annoy myself sometimes.

How does the patch affect you guys? Obviously pos 4 is not that strong right now.

I think this patch is so bad.


I really don't know. Before this new meta of the XP change. It's not a big change, it's a small change. We don't see any new heroes here more or less here, before they change the meta. I think it's boring, because we can have a big change, we could have new heroes, new challenges, new ways to win the game. Right now I want to the small changes for the big heroes, I think we don't see any good heroes with nerfs, so this isn't really anything new. It's the same. I prefer the old meta where you can have big changes a lot. Everyone had to know what is new in the meta, what they want to play, so it's a bit of a shame because everyone knows what's bad and what's good. It's not fun.

What's the one big change you want to see?

That's a really good question. Maybe the trilane. Maybe the first change would be to make the offlane easier, and we can start with a trilane. I like that meta because it's nothing about how easy the game is, it's about what's best in that moment. When I think about the hard carry, we have hFn, and this meta is thinking about what's helps him have the best game. Let's go make our hard carry have a really good game, then go and help the help the offlane. The offlane will probably be having a hard time. This meta was the best meta for sure.

What did you learn from your last year of Dota?

Pretty sure I changed everything in my mind. Before this season, the beginning of DPC, I think I stopped playing Dota. Before this change we had nothing in Brazil, but after the change we were brought to think about it as a job. We need to sacrifice some things in life to make it work for everyone. We had to think about it more than just Dota. Before this change I didn't just think about Dota, I thought about life, ok, I'll play a tournament, then what next? Relax? Nothing. This year could be terrible for some big tournaments. For the beginning of this year, we played so badly for the first time. Then we went to ESL and beat big teams. We got really good plays. For me it changed everything about my life. Right now, everything about Dota influences my life, Dota keeps me wanting to...I don't want to stop.

So you're enjoying Dota at the moment?

I think after Omar joined the team. We never played with someone that good on the team. Omar had a really good story in Dota 2. Before Omar joined the team, I think I wanted to go to South east Asia, because I want to play with really good players and I know a bunch of people. When he joined the team I like, changed everything in my mind, and I now know really good people from other teams. Everyone knows everyone in Dota, so it's really fun. I didn't really know this before Omar came to the team, everyone's friends in this tournament. Everyone will talk about what happened in the game. I give you an example, we played against Liquid in ESL, we beat them. But in the next day we talked to Liquid about the game right, because I think we need to respect everyone inside Dota, that will create really good friendships for everyone. We can talk about the game even if we lose or even if we win.It's a game right, everyone wants to win. At the same time, everyone respects each other.

What are your expectations for your team this year?

I don't think about it like that right. We need to take big steps but not think about TI. First start we are going to play the beginning of this season. We will play this tournament and head home. Once we've headed home, we will talk about what we need to change for the next tournament. I understand it's not easy to make the team the best team you want to be. We need to make it for every tournament, that we make some change for the next tournament. I don't think about winning the finals before we start the tournament. I just think about the Dota and I think that's really good for me and my team. The last year, every time we go to some tournament, we knew we were the underdogs. I don't want to think about being the big team that gets to the final of the tournament. I don't think it'd feel good for me.

Thanks so much man!

Thank you!

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