Dendi, Solo and more: Dota 2 pros in commercials

posted by Smyke, landed the perfect advertisement coup with Roman 'RAMZEs' Kushnarev and Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin leading two campaigns. Here are more advertising highlights from the Dota 2 world.

RAMZEs and Head & Shoulders

The carry player of leads the new campaign for the shampoo producer and stands out with his amazing new hair cut. Will he play like this at ESL One Hamburg 2018?

Solo and Gillette

VPs captain is more focused on his hair around his chin than on the hair on his head. He is the new Ambassador of Gillette and now on a level with stars like Neymar, Federer or Henry.

SanSheng and Chevy

While the VP players concentrate on hair products, a TI4 winner made an advertisement for cars.

Dendi and SteelSeries

Although he left Natus Vincere, Dendi will always be connected to the Ukrainian powerhouse. Back then they got sponsored by SteelSeries and Dendi took part in this advertisement. It seems like he enjoyed the work.

Puppey and Corsair

One of the best commercials in combination with Dota 2 pros is the new Corsair ad starring Team Secret.

The best commercial of all time

However, let's be honest: the best Dota 2 related advertisement is Newbee presenting SCCCUH which started as a joke, but ended up as a real product.

Do you know any Dota 2 commercial which everybody should know about?