ppd's stack on the search - which organization would be a good fit?

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Peter 'ppd' Dager is one of the best captains in the scene. He drafted Evil Geniuses to their TI5 victory, and brought OpTic Gaming into Dota 2. What happens next? Which organization will pick up his new team? Rumours spread right after The International 2018 that OpTic Gaming were history, and that ppd was on the hunt for a new team and a new organization. They turned out to be correct β€” he confirmed his new squad one-and-a-half weeks after the Grand Finals of TI8:

He is staying together with his offlaner Neta '33' Shapira, with whom he played at OpTic Gaming. The surprising part of the lineup is that he has added two former Team Secret players in his lineup, especially as both Adrian 'Fata' Trinks and Marcus 'Ace' Hoelgaard had good seasons at Secret.

The roster is completed by one of the best free agents in position four: Martin 'Saksa' Sazdov. With this lineup, ppd actually has a chance to compete with the best teams in the world in the next Dota 2 Pro Circuit. Therefore, picking the right organisation for this journey is more than important. Which org would be the best match? Also, which region would be best for them?

Is this the right opportunity for mousesports?

An organization well-known in Dota 2 is Ad Finem β€” and they haven't had a roster for quite some time. After dropping Giorgos 'SsaSpartan' Giannakopoulos and his Greek team, no news has come out of mousesports β€” not even before TI.

The organization is mostly known for picking up rosters before TI and dropping them afterwards. This could be the perfect time to change that strategy with a lineup such as the one ppd has built. mousesports is Europe-based, but have already proved that they're able to invest money to form an NA squad β€” or at least support them with a place to live in that region.

It could be the perfect chance for the squad to evaluate in which region they want to start. Apart from ppd, all of these players are based in Europe. However, three of them have already shown that they're willing to move to NA. Also, Adrian 'Fata' Trinks has played for mousesports before and may well have good contact with his fellow countrymen from Germany.

Team EnVyUS and the Dallas connection

There is one organization which would fit the ppd stack perfectly: Team EnVyUS. It's a North-America-based organization which has already had successful teams in most of the major esports such as CS:GO, CoD, LoL or Overwatch β€” and their owner and CEO is attracted to Dota 2.

Just three days after TI finished, ppd contacted hastr0 so he could help him find a team, since both are based in Dallas. EnVy is the organization behind the Texas-based Overwatch team Dallas Fuel, and with that said, having a Dota 2 team based in that same city would be more than convenient.

As a captain and support, ppd is known for his strategic approach both inside and outside the game. He understands the market and knows how to evaluate which organisation would be the best fit for him. He's already brought one of the biggest esports orgs on the planet into Dota 2 in OpTic, so why not another one?

Other interesting organizations could be Cloud9 G2A*, Digital Chaos* and compLexity Gaming, neither of which have full five-man rosters right now.

Which organization would be the best fit for ppd's stack?

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