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The roster reshuffle has begun, and Universe will be leaving SEA to return to compete in NA. Fans of the Aui-Universe bromance will be happy to know Aui_2000 will be following him.

New roster yet to decide org says Resolut1on

Universe's move to SEA to play for Fnatic after being dropped from Evil Geniuses was incredibly unexpected, but after half a year competing in the region, Universe will be returning to NA. The TI5 winner will be teaming up with the ex-VGJ.Storm roster, who now find themselves without an org ahead of the new season, despite finishing top 8 at TI8.

Universe joins the team as a replacement for offlaner JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu, and the former VGJ.Storm's manager Jack "KBBQ" Chen will remain with the roster. Aui_2000, who joined Fnatic as a coach, will continue his coaching career with the new team, which for now has no name and no org.

Universe replaces Sneyking, who competed with VGJ.Storm at the International 8 (Image: @Dota2)

By teaming up with the ex-VGJ.Storm roster, Universe is reunited with Avery 'SVG' Silverman, who was a coach during Universe's time in Evil Geniuses.

Saahil 'Universe' Arora competed for Fnatic at TI8, while Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling was the coach for the team. Fnatic exited the tournament early, knocked out in the first round of the lower-bracket to Team Serenity.

The decision for VGJ.Storm to release the roster could also very well be down to new rules put in place for the coming season by Valve:

“In cases where one organization or person has ownership in multiple teams, only one of those teams will be eligible to compete in The International, regardless of DPC qualifying points. All teams can participate in the Pro Circuit Majors and Minors leading up to next year’s TI, but all ownership conflicts will need to be resolved prior to TI Regional Qualifiers. This includes cases in which players have financial ties to other teams.”

The Vici Gaming organisation had three teams compete in the DPC last season; Vici Gaming, VGJ.Thunder and VGJ.Storm.

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