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In a series of three short documentaries broadcasted during The International 2018, Valve showed us a little bit behind the scenes from different Dota 2 events around the world. In this recap, we take a look at the first event, the Rainha de Copas in São Paulo, Brazil. Not many women compete on the highest level in the most popular esports titles. While CS:GO still has an active female scene with some known players, Dota 2's female competitors don't get into the spotlight at all. A tournament series in Brazil tries to change that: for the second time the Rainha de Copas is played in Brazil's biggest city, São Paulo.

Valve sent the most famous female Dota 2 caster Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden to the event to talk to the girls at the tournament about their experiences and dreams in Dota 2.

The female Dota 2 professionals don't have many opportunities to compete with each other in tournaments, but are still aiming for the big goals - they want to compete at Major tournaments against the best male players.

What do you think about the female Dota 2 scene? How could the scene be improved?

Photo credit: Valve