PSG.LGD set up Grand Finals clash with OG

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In a series that was perhaps not as close as it should have been, Evil Geniuses have fallen to the Chinese of PSG.LGD to keep their ‘even year’ dream alive. A rematch with OG awaits as we move into the final series of The International 2018.

Game 1 saw a cautious start, as both sides looked to seize control. After several skirmishes, PSG.LGD began to build a steady lead, with Yao 'Somnus' Lu controlling the midlane exceptionally, but Evil Geniuses were not to be deterred. They kept chipping away and fighting back, clawing their way back from a 15k deficit. However, the Chinese proved to be just too strong, eventually cracking the base to win in 44 minutes.

Game 2 started with Sumail 'SumaiL' Syed Hassan and Somnus looking to trade in the midlane, as EG took an early lead. Skirmishes abounded, with the two sides trading kills, EG holding the advantage but never more than around 1k ahead for the first 20 minutes. Good map control from the Chinese saw them take pick after pick to move ahead, eventually building up a 16k lead and cracking the base of their opponents inside 30 minutes. A final skirmish finally saw them complete a routine win.

With all talk being about Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev and whether he would finally claim an Aegis, his performance was underwhelming at best. He suffered twice as many deaths as kills in this second match, while the North Americans were utterly upstaged by a devastating performance by Somnus, claiming 12-1-16 to go with his first game 13-1-10. It was a deserved victory for the Chinese, who now move on to a rematch with OG.

Who was your player of the series? Can PSG.LGD defeat OG?

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