posted by Smyke,
SirActionSlacks, Kaci and Gabe Newell in one video? We already know that from The International 2017. However, this time it's not just a short Cameo by Valve's CEO. We finally get to hear his voice in the game as often as we want.

"Hello, I am Gabe Newell. You've just achieved First Blood."

Rubick won the Arcana Vote and the winners of the Short Film Contest were determined as well. We also finally reached the $25 million mark for the TI8 prize pool, but the biggest hype was created by the announcement of the Gabe Newell Mega Kill Announcer Pack for all Battle Pass users. On top of that Valve presented us a hilarious video combining the content creators SirActionSlacks and Kaci with Gabe Newell:

Which was your favourite phrase from Gabe in the video?