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Eight teams played a great season and earned their invitations to The International 2018. In our short series, we present seven facts about all eight DPC legends. This edition is about Newbee. The last year's edition of TI could have been a masterpiece for the Chinese organization. After their victory at The International 2014, Newbee were close to achieving the ultimate goal — to win TI twice. Their TI win is unforgettable — they were part of the very first all-Chinese TI Grand Finals.

Zeng 'Faith' Hongda was especially focused. He didn't win with Newbee, but with Invictus Gaming in 2012. He could have become the first player ever to win TI twice.

However, The International 2018 didn't end so happily for Newbee — in the Grand Finals they lost against Team Liquid in a clean 3-0 sweep, the first in TI history. However, disappointment didn't hold the Chinese stars back. As one of only two teams not to change their roster, they stuck together all DPC season to bring back success — and they did. Newbee won two Minors this season. Alongside victory at Perfect World Minor 2018 they won ESL One Genting 2018 by defeating Liquid 3-2 — the revenge was sweet.

The Major season was not so bad either — Newbee attended every single Major in the DPC, but the only downside was that they didn't reach a Major Grand Finals. In fact, only two Major events ended with Newbee in the top four. However, one Major moment is unforgettable — at The Bucharest Major 2018, a fun video about a Newbee fragrance led to a real one.

All 7 facts about Newbee

  • Newbee were part of the first all Chinese TI Grand Finals
  • Faith almost won his second TI
  • Newbee won two Minors
  • They stuck with their team all season
  • Newbee didn't reach a Major Grand Finals
  • Only two Major events ended with Newbee in the top four
  • They created a fragrance as a joke

How far can Newbee go at TI8?

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