The best plays of Dota Summit Day One

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We were treated to a feast of Dota 2 action yesterday, as DOTA Summit 9 got underway.

But which plays were the picks of the day? Here are a few you may like…

Cr1t- with the insane hook

Trust Pudge to come up with the big plays! There’s nothing quite as spectacular as a hook from downtown, and Evil Geniuses star Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen did not disappoint with this epic grab onto Paweł 'Patos' Naruszewicz and his Brewmaster in Game 1 of the match against Let's Do It.

God-like Roshan play from Abed

Everybody loves a good Aegis steal, and Fnatic star Abed 'Abed' Yusop did not disappoint. Let’s Do It were running down Roshan pretty quickly, but with just a sliver of health left he let his Ball Lightning do the talking, picking up the kill and the Aegis for his team.

Cr1t- walks into an ambush

It wasn’t a good start for Cr1t- in Evil Geniuses’ match with Forward Gaming, walking into a 4-man gank in the midlane. However, he did manage to take down Avery 'SVG' Silverman’s Techies after a Blast Off gone wrong. Great play from Cr1t-, or a total fail?

Nisha goes on a RAMPAGE

Polish squad Let’s Do It surprised a few on the first day, going 1-1 in both their matches. They were ably led by midlane star Michał 'Nisha' Jankowski, who went 54-9-43 in four games to end with a huge 9.77 KDA. This rampage on Lina in their game against Fnatic just underlined his talent.

Blitz still has it

To round things off, the ‘play of the day’ undoubtedly has to come from former Team Zephyr* player and popular caster William 'Blitz' Lee.

It all kicked off after co-caster GranDGranT had claimed current VGJ star JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu attended The International 2012, which Blitz disagreed with. The price of being incorrect? One meaty slap, likely heard down the street.

Fair play to Grant for taking it well!

What was your ‘play of the day’? Let us know below!

Header image © @TGphoto / Beyond the Summit

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